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Temporary Traffic Control Permit

What is Temporary Traffic Control?

The temporary management of motorized and non-motorized trafffic through the use of official traffic control devices, including but not limited to signs, markings, fence, barricades, lights, delineators, and channelizers, as necessary when the construction, repair, removal, excavation, work, event, or other activity, whether within or adjacent to the public Right-of-Way, impacts normal traffic conditions.

When should you obtain a Temporary Traffic Control Permit?

Obtain a permit from the City of Lee's Summit Public Works Department any time the authorized Right-of-Way user acts in a manner that narrows, closes, or otherwise impacts the normal flow of vehicular traffic or pedestrian traffic on any public street or sidewalk.  This permit will consist of Permit Application Conditions, Permit Holder Requirements and other relevant information.  Requests for a permit should be made at least 48 hours prior to work or 10 business days prior to work that requires a detour.

Activity where a Temporary Traffic Control Permit is not required:

  • Private property and Private Streets.  Street within a development project that have not been accepted by the City are considered private property.
  • State (MoDOT) Right-of-Way.  Applicable traffic control permits required by the state should be obtained from MoDOT.
  • Conditions where parking is allowed (e.g. most residential streets) and the activity would not obstruct the normal flow of traffic (e.g. road closure).  Parking restrictions are listed in the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 29, especially Appendix B.

Referenced Standards and Specifications:

Temporary traffic control shall be in accordance with the City of Lee's Summit Standard Details and Standard Specifications, in the Design and Construction Manual.

How do I obtain a Temporary Traffic Control Permit?

A permit may be obtained on-line or in person at the Public Works office, City Hall, 220 SE Green Street, Lee's Summit, Missouri.  A permit may be submitted in person at the Public Works Right-of-Way counter in City Hall or via fax at 969-1810.