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Public Works >> Street Programs and Maintenance >> Right of Way Mowing
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Right-of-Way Mowing

The Public Works Department, Operations Division is responsible for mowing over 450 acres of City Right of Way (ROW). Public Works maintains and mows agricultural areas and provides "finish" mowing to other public areas. For all residental properties, it is the responsibility of the property owner to mow and maintain vegetation on that property.

Agricultural (Ag) mowing consists of mowing ditches in the rural areas of town. The Public Works Department mows a single-pass along rural property that is zoned agricultural. The first 150 feet of intersections are mowed from edge of pavement to the right of way line to eliminate sight distance issues. Mowing of Ag areas occurs on a cycle of every 21-27 days.

Finish mowing, also referred to as "stand up" mowing, refers to the maintenance of medians, landscaped ROW, and City owned property. Finish mowing includes mowing the ROW from the edge of pavement to the right of way line. The finish mowing cycle occures every seven to 10 days.

There are a few circumstances where Public Works will mow other areas.

  • Excessive ROW or property the City has acquired for future roadway or intersection improvements.
  • City created barriers, including but not limited to, fences, sound walls, or retaining walls built by the City during construction of a new roadway near residential homes. The City will mow ROW when the barrier has eliminated access to the ROW from the adjacent property.

City's Mowing Policy