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Curb Repair/Replacement 

Keeping roads, sidewalks and curb in good, safe condition is important to the City of Lee’s Summit. Three programs are utilized to repair or replace curb, and they are all managed by the Public Works Department. These programs provide flexibility to address a wide range of problems, from patching a minor defect in the curb to replacing several thousand feet of disintegrating curb. 

Curb patching is most cost effective for small repairs; however, curb issues that may lead to full curb replacement include:

  • Offsets – settling or cracking may lead to large offsets in the concrete which impede the flow of stormwater and/or create safety hazards for the travelling public.
  • D-cracking – curb with poor aggregate (soft limestone) begin to disintegrate from the inside out due to moisture expanding and contracting in the concrete; this leads to rapid cracking and disintegration of the curb in large areas.


Current Curb Repair/Replacement Programs

 Annual Curb Program:  Funded by the ½-cent Road & Bridge (Transportation) Sales Tax, this annual program focuses on replacing deteriorated curb along residential streets scheduled to be resurfaced within the next year. The intent is to complete the curb replacement before resurfacing in order to avoid damaging the new pavement that typically occurs during curb replacement. This sequence reduces disruptions to neighborhoods, and provides a finished looking street product when the resurfacing is completed. 

Annual funding limits the amount of curb that can be replaced.  The annual program typically replaces from 30,000 to 50,000 linear feet of curb per year. Curb deterioration continues to outpace funding for the program. Linking curb replacement to street resurfacing also helps prioritize work using limited funding. 

Fall 2017 Annual Curb Program

2. Curb Patching/Curb Replacement:  Public Works Operations can repair deteriorated curb in response to customer complaints. Although not permanent, this is the most efficient and least costly method for repairs of small, isolated issues. Experience has shown that patches of any material may only last one to three years. This is due to the ongoing deterioration of the underlying concrete. As the concrete curb breaks apart, the patch material that is attached to it will also crumble.  If a patch fails, customers should contact Public Works again to repair the patched area. Curb may be replaced through Public Works Operation’s concrete services contract if offsets are causing drainage issues, or if the d-cracking is so severe that extensive patching would have a very short lifespan. If you would like Public Works Operations to evaluate a small area of curb, please contact the Public Works Department at (816) 969-1800 or publicworks@cityofls.net.



Past Curb Replacement Programs

Curb Bond Issue Program
Approved by voters in November 2010 and completed in 2014, the curb bond issue program replaced large areas of curb deteriorated due to d-cracking. The City spent $9.76 million dollars to replace 543,000 linear feet of curb (103 miles) in three years, averaging 181,000 feet per year, along residential streets. 


Arterial Curb Replacement Program
The Arterial Curb Replacement Program was a one-time program approved by City Council in Dec. 2015, to address curb deteriorating from d-cracking on six major arterial streets in Lee’s Summit. Arterial streets are generally high traffic volume, high speed streets.

The following arterial streets received curb replacement in Summer/Fall 2016:

  • Ward Road from Oldham Parkway to Scherer Road;
  • Chipman Road from Murray Road to Bent Tree Drive;
  • Colbern Road from Rice Road to Eastern City Limit;
  • Blackwell Parkway from Colbern Road to Chipman Road;
  • Todd George Parkway from McKee Lane to Blue Parkway; and
  • Langsford Road from 291 Highway to Todd George Parkway.

In addition, 133 sidewalk ramps along these arterials were renovated to current American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

This program was funded by project savings from the ½ cent Capital Improvement sales tax.

Click here for more information about the Arterial Curb Replacement Program.



Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here is a listing of common questions relating to the City of Lee's Summit curb repair programs. To display the answer to a question, just click on the question and the answer will display below it.
If a question is not found, we encourage you to ask us a question.

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