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Engineering Services

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Construction Management and Inspections

Public Works construction management and inspections staff are responsible for construction administration and inspections of all public infrastructure projects, whether City-initiated or privately constructed facilities associated with development projects. These infrastructure projects may include roadways, bridges, traffic signals, streetlights, stormwater, water and sanitary sewer systems. These Public Works staff members are often the main point of contact with the public during the construction process.

Construction managers are assigned to each City-funded capital project and are responsible for the administration of the construction contract.  Responsibilities include reviewing compliance with local, state and federal regulations as well as monitoring project schedules and construction budgets.

Inspectors assigned to either public or private projects oversee the construction of infrastructure facilities, checking for proper materials and installation in compliance with the City’s standards.Inspectors also oversee compliance with erosion control requirements as well as compliance with the City’s Right-of-Way ordinance, which regulates activities within the public right-of-way.