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Public Works >> Engineering Services >> Capital Projects
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Engineering Services

Public Works Engineering and support staff are responsible for management and/or completion of engineering design, right of way acquisition, and bidding of roadway, bridge, airport, traffic signal, streetlight, stormwater, water and sanitary sewer projects. Additionally, staff provides technical support to the Public Works Operations, Airport and Solid Waste Divisions as well as the Water Utilities Department.

Public Works Engineering manages the preparation of the annual update to the City’s Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), a planning document outlining anticipated infrastructure improvements in the city for the next five years. The CIP contains information about the scope, location and funding for various city projects.

Information on the status of projects included in the current CIP can be found on the Capital Projects Status page.  Because of the widespread nature of work included in the Stormwater Bond Program, the Curb Replacement Bond Program, and the Pavement Management Program, specific project locations are not listed in the CIP or on the Capital Project Status page.

For more information on specific programs and work locations, visit: