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In a cooperative partnership with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and LS Cares, the Lee’s Summit Police Department now has a new way for residents to dispose of old, expired or unwanted prescription medications.  Located inside the lobby of the Lee’s Summit Police Department is a dedicated drop off box where residents can dispose of medications.  The lobby is open 24 hours a day and no appointment is necessary.  There are a few guidelines for using the box and there are also two other locations within Lee’s Summit with the same capability.


·         Prescription medications, patches and ointments

·         Over the counter medications

·         Cough syrups

·         Vitamins

·         Drug samples

·         Pet medications

·         Original packaging is allowed, no need to remove labels


·         Thermometers

·         Inhalers

·         Needles


Residents can also find a drop box at Lee’s Summit Medical Center, 2100 SE Blue Parkway as well as the Jackson County Missouri Sheriff’s Office located at 4001 NE Lakewood Court, LSMO 64093.