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Information on "IRS" Phone Scam
posted on August 30, 2016 10:04

In recent weeks, the Police Department has seen an increase in phone calls from residents who say they have received a call from a representative from the IRS.  The person on the phone claims that you are being audited and that you have a balance due to the IRS.  The caller tells the person on the phone that failure to pay the balance due will result in a warrant for your arrest and that the Police will come to your home.  Once the person agrees to pay the shortage, the caller instructs the person to go to a local convenience store or retailer and purchase "money cards" or "money pack cards" and then give the card codes to them as a form of payment.

Phone scams like this are nothing new, in the months before tax season callers were telling residents that they had a warrant for their arrest and failure to pay the fine would result in their arrest.  The callers would then instruct the person to buy money cards or money packs and give them the codes.  With tax returns now filed for 2015, scammers are reaching out to people and attempting to extort money from them.  Residents should be aware that the scammers can use computer equipment and internet based phone numbers that will make the caller ID show that the call is coming from what appears to be a legitimate IRS office. 

For tips on this specific scam and prevention, visit the IRS website at the link below.


You can also report the information by one of the other methods listed below.

By Phone:
Call toll free: 1-800-366-4484

By Fax:
(202) 927-7018

By Mail:
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
P.O. Box 589
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044-0589