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816 969-1700
Police >> Programs and Services >> Other Services
Other Services

The following is a list of partial services provided by the Lee's Summit Police Department.  Some of these services are only available during core business hours:

Adoption Letter  816-969-1715 no
Alarm Permits  816-969-1786 yes
Building Tours  816-969-1708 no
Business Liquor License Permits  816-969-1715 yes
Business Security Survey  816-969-1708  no
Child Car Seat Installation  816-969-1710 no
Citizens Police Academy  816-969-1707 no
Commend an officer or employee  816-969-1795 no
Complaint against an officer or employee  816-969-1795 no
Copy of reports, accident and others  816-969-1715 yes
Crime Free Multi-housing  816-969-1708 no
Fingerprints  816-969-1710 yes
Hiring/Recruitment  816-969-1707 no
Home Security Survey   816-969-1708 no
House Watch  816-969-1770 no
Junior Police Academy   816-969-1407 no
Local Records Check  816-969-1715 yes 
Local Tips Hotline   816-969-1752 no 
Neighborhood Watch  816-969-1708 no 
Parade Permits   816-969-1766 no
Police Blotter   816-969-1707 no 
Private Security Registration   816-969-1715  no 
Residential Security Survey   816-969-1708 no 
Ride Along With An Officer   816-969-1770 no 
Solicitors Permit  816-969-1715 yes 
Speakers Bureau  816-969-7107 no 
Youth Court   816-969-1744  yes