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Neighborhood Watch

Organizing a Neighborhood Watch group is particularly effective in promoting safe neighborhoods. Neighborhood Watch is a program where citizens participate directly with the olice Department in the detection and prevention of crime.

Citizens involved in Neighborhood Watch are trained in how to recognize suspicious, criminal, or dangerous activities that may be occurring and introduces current crime prevention measures. Neighborhood Watch provides valuable information to the police department which in turn aides with investigating suspicious activities, apprehending criminals, and preventing crime. Neighborhood Watch makes our community a better, safer place to live.

Getting Started:

  • Talk with your neighbors to determine if there is an interest in establishing a Neighborhood Watch group.
  • Contact the Community Interaction Officer and select a date and location for your meeting.
  • Distribute flyers, make phone calls and talk to neighbors about attending.
  • The police will attend your meeting and discuss many topics and ideas associated with Neighborhood Watch.                                                                  
  • Start a neighborhood newsletter and contact the Community Interaction
    Officer for crime statistics in your neighborhood by phone at 816-969-1708 or email. 

Watch a short video about the Neighborhood Watch program by selecting the image to the right.


For more information, you can contact the Community Interaction Unit and speak with Officer Carmen Spaeth or Officer Scott Doumitt by calling 816-969-1708, or send them an email at lspdcio@cityofls.net.

To sign up for electronic delivery of the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter,
click the link below to be taken to the City's registration page.
Newsletter sign up


Neighborhood Watch Newsletters