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Meet K-9 Enzo; he is handled by Master Police Officer Scott McMilian. Together they are dedicated to providing a specialized police presence in our community. Usually working late evenings and early mornings, these two teams conduct human tracking, open area searches, building searches, article searches, drug sniffs and officer protection.

The department’s seventh K-9 team, Enzo and Officer McMilian trained together for approximately six weeks, in order to receive their certification in June of 2014. Certifications are renewed annually, contingent on the team successfully completing specific designated tasks. Enzo, a Belgian Malinois, was born in the Netherlands in 2012 and is expected to be in service for approximately five to ten years. Officer McMilian has been with the LSPD since 1997.

K-9's are trained to recognize commands in German and English. When off-duty they live with their handlers, where they are considered part of the family.  If you have questions about the department’s K-9 program, click here . Additionally, the K-9s may be available on a limited basis for group demonstrations. You can use the previous link to check with Officer McMilian to see if they can be scheduled to visit your group.