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816 969-1700
Police >> Programs and Services >> Animal Control
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1991 SE Hamblen Road
Lee's Summit, MO 64082


Animal Shelter

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
weekends 10am - 2pm

Shelter Is Closed Holidays

Phone: (816) 969-1640

Field Services

Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-11pm (everyday)
holidays 7am-5pm
Phone: (816) 969-1640

After hours or emergency

Phone: (816) 969-7390

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Animal Control

Regulations - FeesLost Pets - Pet Adoptions - Pet CamVolunteer - Police -  Pet License

Mission Statement

The Lee’s Summit Animal Control Department and the Animal Control Ordinances are designed to protect public health and property while assisting the animal owners of Lee's Summit to enjoy the pleasures of responsible pet ownership in an atmosphere of peace and harmony within the entire community.


The Animal Control Department works diligently toward improving the conditions for animals themselves principally in the areas of:

  • Immunization against rabies
  • Prevention of accidental death or injury
  • Prevention of cruel or inhumane treatment
  • Reduction of uncontrolled breeding

The Animal Control Department is responsible for the operation of  the Municipal  Animal Shelter located at 1991 SE Hamblen Road, Lee's Summit, MO.  The shelter has separate areas for dogs and cats and those areas are further broken down into four different sections: stray holding, adoptable, bite quarantine, and sick isolation.  If filled to capacity the shelter has the capability to house 72 dogs and 71 cats. The shelter also has designated holding areas for nine other small animals such as rabbits or ferrets, and 12 cages for wild animals.

The Lee's Summit Animal Control Department also houses animals from the cities of Blue Springs, Lake Lotawana, and Greenwood.  However, animals from these communities can only be accepted from the animal control officers of these municipalities.  Citizens from these communities should contact their own Animal Control Department should they find a lost pet or need the services of an animal control officer.  In Blue Springs, call 816-229-0149; in Greenwood, 816-537-5020 and for Lake Lotawana, call 816-578-4333.

Organizational Structure

Currently there is one animal control supervisor, five animal control officers, three full-time shelter attendants, three part-time shelter attendants, and one receptionist.  These employees report to the Animal Control Manager.

Current News

During November and December Lee's Summit pet owners can license their animals by accessing a secure website.  Online pet licensing provides a  mechanism to license your pet from the comfort of your own home or office at any time of the day.  Master Card, Visa and Discover may be utilized to purchase licenses.  Licenses are valid for the calendar year, expiring each year on December 31.  License fees are not pro-rated regardless of the month acquired. Owners choose the option of a life-time license by providing their rabies vaccination information and required microchip information in person either at City Hall or the Animal Shelter. 

Through the use of in-vehicle computers, Animal Control Officers are now able to look up pet license information while they are in the field, thus making it possible to return a found pet immediately to the owner. They are also able to check past history while in the field to determine if there have been previous calls to an address or if there is an on-going problem in a particular area. Animal Control Officers are also able to complete their written reports and investigations while in the field, which reduces the amount of time they may need to spend out of service.