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Police >> Programs and Services >> Animal Control >> Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Any person interested in volunteering at the shelter should call 969-1640 to inquire about the shelter's volunteer program.  You may also download a Volunteer Agreement Form and return it to the City of Lee's Summit Municipal Animal Shelter.

Various Rules and Tasks

Dress Code:
Note that as you will be walking dogs outdoors, every inch of your outfit has the capability of becoming dirty.

  • Seasonal appropriate outerwear is recommended. (Gloves, hats, raincoat, etc.)
  • Sturdy, reliable shoes or boots that can sustain getting muddy or wet.  NO FLIP-FLOPS!!!
  • Shirts with at least 4-inch sleeves. A cotton T-shirt works the best.  NO TANK TOPS!!!
  • Long pants. NO SHORTS!!!

We do have a water fountain available, but if you prefer juice, soda, bottled water, etc. you will need to bring your own. We have no resources for food.

Working with animals is always unpredictable. You need to make sure to keep yourself as safe as possible.

  • Wearing appropriate clothing will lessen your chance of getting scratched.
  • Wearing appropriate footwear will lessen chances of falling.
  • Do not walk dogs together; this reduces risk of dogfights breaking out.
  • Be cautious when walking during the cleaning process, the floors will become wet often. Be aware of the wet floor sign.
  • Always open doors slowly, there may be someone coming through the other side.
  • We have leather gloves available for use when working with cats.
  • We will provide latex gloves for use when picking up litter or doing dishes.
  • Always ask Staff for help if an animal seems questionable.
  • If an animal gets loose, contact Staff immediately; do not try to capture the animal by yourself.
  • If you have a question, ask Staff. This will reduce confusion about the task, and will reduce the possibility of injury.
  • If you do get injured during your time at the shelter, contact Staff immediately.

The schedule for volunteering comes out every Thursday morning at 8:00am for the following Sunday through Saturday week.

  • You MUST have a volunteer agreement on file with us BEFORE we will put you on the schedule.
  • You are responsible for calling and scheduling the hours you are available to work, the schedule fills up first-come first-serve.
  • If you must cancel, you need to call in within 30 minutes before or after the START of your shift or you will be considered a NO SHOW. If no one answers, you must leave a message on the main line for the shelter attendants at 816-969-1640.
  • After 3 NO SHOWS, you will not be allowed any more hours with us.

All tasks should be completed before you leave your shift.

When you come in, you must check in at the front desk. Here you will receive your volunteer badge and key-card.

When you go into the back kennel area, check the kitchen window for your list of daily tasks. You will have until the end of your shift to complete your end of the lists, so please use your time wisely to ensure you get everything completed.

When you end your shift, you will sign out at the front desk and return your volunteer badge and key- card.

*Note that there is a NO SMOKING policy at our facility. You will not be allowed to smoke while on shift.*


A.M. Shift (8am-11am Sun.-Sat., 8am-12pm on Holidays):

  1. 1. Dogs get fed.
    1. Clean bowls need to be put in the kennels directly across from where the dog’s dirty kennel is.
    2. 1-2 cups food should be put in the bowl closest to the inside wall of the kennel.
    3. 1/2 pitcher of water should be put in the bowl closest to the door of the kennel.
  2. Dogs get walked.
    1. Exception: Stamped OBSERVATION or STAFF ONLY
    2. Puppies will be walked on nylon resizable leashes located in front closet.
    3. All other dogs will be walked with a sturdy nylon leash and choker chain.
    4. Choker chains will be used even if the dog has its own collar on.
    5. Dogs will be walked in order of kennels, and placed in the kennel directly across from the kennel it was taken from when brought back in from walk. The only exceptions will be if the dog needs moved to the adoptable floor that day, in that case, Staff will move the dog’s card and you will need to check all available kennels for the new location of that dog.
    6. Dogs should be walked 5-10 minutes each.
    7. Dogs should not be walked together unless they were in the same kennel.
    8. There are small black bags by the back doors, these must be used to pick up any bowel movement the dog has outside. Throw it away in the trash can by the back door when you come in from the walk.
    9. When you are finished walking the dogs, spray the mud off of your shoes in the foot bath located in the closet nearest the adoptable dogs.
  3. Kennels get cleaned.
    1. Any fecal matter or loose food should be picked up from each kennel before spraying them down. It should be flushed in the flush stations located in each aisle. Use minimal amount of paper towels to reduce clogging.
    2. The bowls should be removed and placed in the kitchen window for cleaning.
    3. The hose should be used to pre-rinse the benches and kennels.
    4. The kennels will be scrubbed with a disinfectant schedule followed by Staff. *Use the black mop to scrub the back wall, all sides of the bench, both sidewalls, the inside of the doors, and the floor. This needs to be done efficiently in order to ensure proper disinfection of the kennels. Make sure no dirt is visible in the kennel.
    5. When all kennels have been scrubbed, dump the bucket in the last kennel you scrubbed.
    6. Put the bucket and mop in the janitor’s closet located near the adoptable dogs.
    7. The disinfectant needs to sit in the kennels 15 minutes to work properly.
    8. Use the hose to rinse the disinfectant out of the kennels. Rinse each wall, the bench, and the floor until water runs with no suds in it.
    9. Turn the hose off, guide it back into itself, and hook the loose end to the wall.
  4. Begin drying floors.
    1. Use the squeegee to push the standing water to the drains.
    2. Make sure any water that goes under any doors or cabinets gets squeegeed to the drains as well.
    3. Make sure the fans are on, this helps dry the floors faster.
    4. Use a paper towel to clean any hair from the drains.
  5. Cat cages get cleaned.
    1. Typically, Staff will clean the cat cages, but every once in a while, we will ask you to help. We will instruct you at that time what needs to be done.
    2. Only clean one cat cage at a time.
  6. Dishes get washed.
    1. Any dishes on the left side of the sink or on the back counter need to be washed. Sometimes there are also dishes on the floor.
    2. Dishwater goes in the left basin of the sink. Soap is under the sink along with sponges. Put a splash of bleach in the water.
    3. Rinse the dishes in the right basin of the sink.
    4. Place a towel on the right side of the counter. You can set the dishes there until you are ready to dry them.
    5. Use a hand towel to dry the dishes.
    6. Put the dishes away. Most of them will go in the cabinet space behind the sink area. If you aren’t sure where they go, ask.
  7. Trash goes out.
    1. Remove the black bag from both the kitchen trash can and the trash can by the back door leading out of dog kennels.
    2. Take these to the dumpster located on the northeast side of the shelter.
    3. Place new black bags in each can. These are located in cabinets of every room and both closets in the dog area.
  8. Sweep.
    1. This is done ONLY if the entire green floor is DRY.
    2. Turn the fans off. You cannot sweep with a fan blowing your dirt around.
    3. The brooms are located in the front closet with the leashes.
    4. Sweep all of the green floor area, including the kitchen and 4 cat rooms.
    5. The dustpan is located in the front closet with the leashes.
  9.  Mop
    1. This is done ONLY AFTER sweeping has been completed efficiently.
    2. Turn the fans back on.
    3. Put about 1 cup bleach in the yellow bucket; add about 2 gallons of water.
    4. Rinse the mops.
    5. Place the mop in the bucket; ring it out about 3 times.
    6. Begin mopping from the back of the aisles towards the front. Mop about 2 cage lengths, flip the mop, and mop 2 more cage lengths.
    7. Rinse the mop and re-dip it.
    8. Repeat the last 2 steps until all green floor area has been mopped.
  10. Usually by this time, your shift is over…. Enjoy the rest of your day…. If it is not time to leave yet…. ask Staff and we will have you complete any miscellaneous tasks we can find. This may include picking up trash outside, sweeping out the garage, bathing a dog or cat, or bringing in supplies. There is ALWAYS something that can be done.

P.M. Shift (3pm-5pm Mon.-Fri., 12pm-2pm Sat. & Sun.):

  1. Dogs get walked.
    1. Exception: Stamped OBSERVATION or STAFF ONLY
    2. Puppies will be walked on nylon resizable leashes located in front closet.
    3. All other dogs will be walked with a sturdy nylon leash and choker chain.
    4. Choker chains will be used even if the dog has its own collar on.
    5. Dogs will be walked in order of kennels. When you bring your dog back inside, place it in the same kennel you took it out of, however make sure it has a full bowl of water, and remove any feces before moving on to the next dog. Make sure the kennel is securely closed before moving on.
    6. Dogs should be walked 5-10 minutes each.
    7. Dogs should not be walked together unless they were in the same kennel.
  2. Any dishes at the sink can be washed. Refer to #6 of a.m. shift above.
  3. Trash cans get emptied. Refer to #7 of a.m. shift above.
  4. Sweep. Refer to #8 of a.m. shift above.
  5. Mop. Refer to #9 of a.m. shift above.
  6. Refer to #10 of a.m. shift above.


Animal Control
Phone (816) 969-1640
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