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816 969-1700
Police >> Permits >> Liquor Permit

Business Liquor License Permit


To obtain a Liquor License in Lee’s Summit, you must complete an application and submit it at the Lee’s Summit Police Department. Your application will be added to the first available City Council Agenda for approval. You will receive a Letter of Approval from the City Clerk’s office. That Letter of Approval is submitted with your application at the State Liquor Control Board. Once you have received the hard copy of the State License, you will return with it to the City Clerk’s office and receive the hard copy of your City License. Then you will need to obtain your County License.   For further information you may contact the Police Department Liquor Control office or download the liquor license information package. (Includes applications)  Further information can be found in code of city ordinances.


The liquor control office numbers are as follows:
City (Lee’s Summit): 816-969-1729
State (Missouri): 816-889-2574
County (Jackson): 816-881-4404