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Changes Made in Procedures for licensing Motor Scooters and Mopeds in Lee's Summit

1/25/2012 -- The City of Lee's Summit is currently reviewing the ordinances covering the licensing of motorized scooters and mopeds.  Under the current ordinance, owners of scooters and mopeds were required to license them as motorcycles with the State of Missouri. 

The State of Missouri will no longer license a moped or scooter as a motorcycle.  Therefore, it is not possible to comply with City Ordinance.  The ordinance is currently under review and when the new ordinance is made official, a new procedure will be posted here on our web page. 

Old Information:

The City of Lee’s Summit has prohibited the use of motorized bicycles on City streets.

These vehicles are commonly known as mo-peds or motor scooters. These vehicles are not classified as motorcycles or motortricycles under state law nor does state law require them to be titled or licensed, however the City has prohibited the use of these vehicles on the city streets unless certain conditions are met.  In order to operate a moped or scooter on city streets, the owner must insist that the vehicle be inspected and licensed as a motorcycle.  Normally, the license bureau or inspection station would refer the owner to state law, which does not require these things.  However, both are required by city ordinance.