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Environmental Records Request

All environmental records requests, including those for Phase I ESA's, should be directed to the Lee's Summit Fire Department via their Contact Us page.



In partnership with the City of Lee’s Summit, the 5th Grade students from Voy Spears Elementary School, located at 201 NE Anderson Drive, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, embarked on a large scale project in October to stencil the storm drains in the Oaks Ridge Meadows subdivision, located in the northern portion of Lee’s Summit along Anderson Drive.  The project involved painting a specific City-approved stenciled message on the storm drains throughout the neighborhood, as part of a citywide effort to stencil all of the storm drains in the community.  It is a project that educates about stormwater and encourages residents to keep storm drains clean.  The stormwater that flows through the City’s storm drains empty directly to local lakes and streams without any treatment.

 Each of the four 5th Grade classes created public information brochures to educate residents about the project and the importance of keeping storm drains free of debris and chemicals.  After stenciling their assigned storm drains, each class distributed their brochures to residents throughout the neighborhood.  The students not only learned valuable lessons from this project, they also got the opportunity to teach others and participate in a project that directly benefits the community around their school.

For more information about the storm drain stenciling project or to inquire about checking out a storm drain stenciling kit for Lee’s Summit storm drains, contact the Public Works Department at (816) 969-1800 or visit our Storm Drain Stenciling webpage