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Environmental Records Request

All environmental records requests, including those for Phase I ESA's, should be directed to the Lee's Summit Fire Department via their Contact Us page.



Updated 8/22/16

What are the environmental services and outreach programs?
Environmental services include Household Hazardous Waste, yard waste, and recycling of mattresses, electronics, carpet, white goods (appliances), shingles and more, plus the two drop-off recycling centers.  Outreach programs include RecycleFest (including the free shredding events), Stream Team, Outdoor Classroom,  semi-annual electronics recycling events, tours & presentations, etc.

Why are the recycling centers closing?
Revenue from trash disposal fees at the landfill has provided the City with a funding source for environmental services and outreach programs, including the two drop-off recycling centers. Under the recently approved contract with Summit Waste Systems*/Heartland Environmental Services (HES), the City will no longer operate the landfill and therefore will no longer receive revenue from trash disposal fees. Without that funding, most of the environmental services and outreach programs, including the drop-off recycling centers, will need to close.

*Summit Waste Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of HES, and is the entity named in the contract with the City.

What are the reasons for this decision?
This topic has been discussed for several years. The original goal was to find a way to continue funding the environmental services and outreach programs. However, this was not possible when flow control* did not receive community support. As a result, the City Council and staff were faced with difficult decisions regarding the future of solid waste services. If you would like to learn more about this process, please view the Oct. 1, City Council meeting here.
* Flow control means all municipal waste material collected by commercial haulers in Lee’s Summit would have to be disposed of at the City’s Resource Recovery Park (RRP).

What environmental services and outreach programs were included in the contract with Summit Waste Systems/HES?
As part of the contract, Summit Waste Systems/HES will continue operations of the landfill and at least two environmental programs: Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and yard waste/composting. The rates for these two programs, as well as trash disposal, will be set by Summit Waste Systems/HES and NOT the City.

Could the City re-open the recycling centers and/or continue some of its other environmental services and outreach programs?
The City’s Public Works Committee will explore options on how future environmental services and outreach programs could be provided to the community. For FY2017, the City Council approved $8,000 for Environmental Outreach such as RecycleFest, Stream Team and other environmental events and activities.

How do I make an HHW appointment?
After March 1, 2016, Summit Waste Systems/HES will schedule all HHW appointments. You can contact Summit Waste Systems/
HES at http://summitwastesystemsrrp.com/household-hazardous-waste or call 816-623-3066.

How can I dispose of my recycling?
Curbside Recycling
The City does not offer curbside recycling; however, all residential trash haulers licensed in Lee’s Summit are required to offer curbside recycling to residents if they request the service. Additional fees generally apply for curbside recycling services, which vary depending on the hauler.

All licensed solid waste haulers are required to offer curbside recycling of at least the following items:

·         Metal cans (aluminum and tin)

·         Common food-grade plastics, such as soda bottles and milk jugs

·         Newspaper

Other materials the licensed haulers can choose to collect include:

·         Magazines

·         Office paper

·         Less-commonly recycled plastics, such as flower pots or buckets

·         Cardboard/Paperboard

·         Glass containers

However, each hauler is unique and offers to collect their own combination of recyclables at their discretionary rates.

Glass Container Recycling

Look for the Ripple Glass recycling bins at the following Lee’s Summit locations:

  • Price Chopper (937 NE Woods Chapel Road)
  • Price Chopper (251 SW Greenwich Drive)
  • Price Chopper (1600 SE Blue Parkway)
  • HyVee (310 SW Ward Road)
  • New Longview (Longview Blvd. south of Fascination Dr.)

Other Recycling Options

·         RecycleSpot lists facilities throughout the metro area: http://www.recyclespot.org/

Who can I contact for more information?
The City’s Public Works Department at
publicworks@cityofls.net or 816.969.1800. Check LSlandfill.net and the City’s Facebook and Twitter pages for any updates.