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Enviro Volunteer! 


Why volunteer?

Benefits to Me Benefits to My Community
  • get outside...get some exercise...enjoy the day!
  • hands-on community involvement
  • increase my community pride
  • learn about environmental stewardship
  • share my skills
  • develop new skills, learn new things!
  • stronger community relationships
  • greater community pride
  • increased environmental stewardship
  • enhanced community education & awareness







Community Service Hours:

  • Only student and Boy/Girl Scout community service hours are available for all of the activities below. 
  • Court-ordered community service hours are not available at these activities.

Opportunities Available:

  • Stream Team:  Collect litter from local stream banks in the fall of each year.
  • Storm Drain Stenciling:  Stencil a city-approved message on city storm boxes.
  • Adopt-A-Street or Adopt-A-Stream:  Collect litter on a regular basis from designated street or stream segments.

Volunteer Registration: