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Water Conservation and Stormwater Management Focus Area

According to the City's Sustainability Action Plan (May 2012), water related Greenhouse Gases (GHG) are mainly caused by energy used to pump, transport, heat, cool, and treat potable water.  Emissions associated with this energy use accounted for less than 1% of the communitywide GHG inventory.  With water supplies expected to continue declining over the coming decades, water conservation strategies have the double benefit of reducing GHG emissions and aligning demand with future water availability.

Current City Initiatives

  • Intalled water-efficient toilet fixtures in all restrooms at the Police building.
  • Planned three bio-swales to treat rain water with mative plants in order to remove pollutants and minimize flooding.
  • Planted native vegetation to stabilize stream banks, protecting public infrastructure.
  • Installed rain gardens at local public buildings and parks.
  • Sponsored rain barrel and rain garden workshops to teach residents how to build and install rain barrels and gardens at their homes and businesses.
  • Organized volunteer stream clean-up activities.