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Waste Reduction and Management Focus Area

According to the City's Sustainability Action Plan (May 2012), waste-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions result from product consumption and disposal, and from pre-consumer commercial and industrial processes.  In Lee's Summit, only 2% of GHG emissions are associated with solid waste generation and disposal in landfills.  Waste disposal creates emissions when organic waste (e.g., food scraps, yard clippings, paper, wood) is buried in landfills and anerobic gidestion takes place, emitting methane.  Additionally, extracting and processing raw materials for consumer products, distributing them to consumers, and disposing of them creates a large portion of global GHG emissions.

Current City Initiatives

  • Relcaimed over 6,000 pounds of scrap steel in 2011 from daily maintenance and replair of fleet, also recycling over 1,500 gallons of used oil and reusing 20 gallons of recycled automotive antifreeze.
  • Expanded the existing internal government recycling program to include printer cartridges, cardboard, paper goods, plastic items, rechargeable batteries, aluminum cans, and cell phones.
  • Incorporated recycle bins in each public employee's work area and expanded recycling programs in public buildings.
  • Awarded a grant for the purchase of recycling containers in the downtown corridor.
  • Awarded a grant for the purchase of recycling containers for placement of Summit Waves Aquatic Park.
  • Included recycling of brick/concrete/rock/asphalt recycling, clean dirt/acceptable silt, clean lumber, asphalt shingles, automotive tires, car batteries, and major appliances at the municipal landfill.
  • Divert yard waste from landfill; recycle grass, leaves, brush, limbs into mulch and compost; sell new products to the public.
  • Awarded grant for purchase of portable recycle containers for use at music festivals and other special events.
  • Grant for recycling bins downtown.

Community Initiatives

  • Ripple Glass private glass recycling initiative.
  • Internal LSR-7 school recycling.