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Environment >> Sustainability >> Land Use
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Land Use Focus Area

According to the City's Sustainability Action Plan (May 2012), land use and transportation issues are closely related.  The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory does not account for any specific land-use related emissions, but rather considers the effects of land use comprehensively within the transportation sector.  Where people live determines how far they travel to work, to shopping, and to other destinations, and infuences whether they choose to walk, bike, use public transit, or drive.  If residents live near bus stops, neighborhood-serving commercial centers, or their work places, they are more likely to use alternative, lower-emissions travel modes than to drive.

Current City Initiatives

  • Developed City Hall on a brownfield site.
  • Supported development of a regional strategic plan.
  • Designed the New Longview neighborhood with "smart growth" features to reduce car use.
  • Redeveloped downtown buildings rather than build on greenfield lots.
  • Reactivated the Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) to promote sustainable redevelopment of existing, underused property.
  • Applied for a federal TIGER II planning grant of $250,000 from HUD/DOT to plan a "Green Technology" Corridor along View High Drive; this corridor would feature energy-efficient commercial buildings and "smart growth" features such as bike and pedestrian amenities.