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Environment >> Sustainability >> Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency Focus Area

According to the City's Sustainability Action Plan (May 2012), the consumption of electricity and natural gas for appliances, lighting, heating and cooling, cooking and other processes within residential, commerical, and industrial buildings generated just under two-thirds (59%) of Lee's Summit's communitywide greenhouse gas emissions in 2009.  These emissions can be reduced by improving energy efficiency and increasing the amount of electricity and heat generated from renewable energy sources.

In Lee's Summit, approximately 30% of the housing stock was built before the 1980s.  Consequently, this portion of the building stock offers an opportunity for cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits to decrease the use of both electricity and natural gas.

Current City Initiatives

  • Incorporated energy-efficient features at City Hall, including daylighting, solar collection for hot water systems, occupancy sensor lighting systems, and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Incorporated energy-efficient features at the Police Building, including a motion-activated light system, energy-efficient lights, and computerized HVAC management system.
  • Renovated the Municipal Airport with LED lights installed as part of the Taxiway Charlie Project and installed motion sensor lights in lobby of Terminal Building, resulting in a 15% reduction in electrical usage.
  • Conducted efficiency renovations and energy audits at multiple parks and community centers.
  • Enacted Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) amendment to require 50% solar or 100% LED parking lot lighting.
  • Enacted UDO amendment to allow for wind turbines in the City, including in residential areas.
  • Installed a plug-in electrical vehicle charging station in the City's downtown public parking garage.
  • Converted traffic signals (vehicle and pedestrian) from incandescent to LED fixtures.

Community Initiatives

  • Lee's Summit School District has saved energy through use of performance contracts and other energy saving initiatives.
  • Lee's Summit Hospital has developed a Sustainability Action Plan for its facility and operations.
  • New Lonogview subdivision development initiated a certified Green Home program which included Energy Star-rated appliances, tighter doors and windows, and more durable, less toxic products.