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Storm Drain Stenciling Program

Stormwater is water that flows overland during a precipitation event, such as rain or snow.  Stormwater that flows into the City's storm drains empties directly to local streams and lakes without any treatment.  The City's Storm Drain Stenciling Program is a volunteer effort that involves painting a specific City-approved stenciled message on the storm drains throughout the community, encouraging residents to keep our storm drains clean.

Why is this Important to Me?

In order to reduce flooding and pollution to local lakes and streams, it is important to keep the City's storm drains free from debris and chemicals.  In accordance with State and Federal requirements, the City has an ordinance that restricts the dumping of materials such as leaves, brush, fireworks, concrete, trash, paint, gasoline, oil, grease, etc. into the City's storm drains.  When dumped into storm drains, these pollutants flow into our lakes and streams, creating unhealthy environments for recreation and wildlife.

Getting Involved

Volunteers, either individuals or groups, can contact the Lee's Summit Public Works Department to participate in the Storm Drain Stenciling Program.  Volunteers can check out a Storm Drain Stenciling Kit that must be returned within a week.  The volunteer group must complete a short application and all participants must sign and return a waiver before the stenciling project can begin.

For more information, contact the City's Environmental Specialist or call the Public Works Department at 969-1800.