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Drop-Off Recycling


Effective February 6, 2016, both the North and South Recycling Centers have closed. The North Recycling Center is not moving back to the original location on Douglas Street.

Mixed Recycling:  The schools within the LSR7 School District offer drop-off recycling bins for mixed recycling of papers, types 1-7 food grade plastics, cardboard, paperboard, and aluminum and tin cans.

Glass Bottles and Jars:  Four purple Ripple Glass bins are located around Lee's Summit for public use, as follows:

  • Price Chopper (937 NE Woods Chapel Road)
  • Price Chopper (251 SW Greenwich Drive)
  • Gale Communities (435 SW Longview Blvd.)
  • HyVee (310 SW Ward Road)

Other Recycling Options:  Visit RecycleSpot.org to search for facilities that recycle
materials not accepted at these drop-off locations.

For more information, contact the Environmental Programs Manager or call 969-1800.