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Planning, Development and Block Grant Highlights

2017 Development Report Released

The Planning & Special Projects Department just released its new 2017 Development Report. This report includes updated Census demographics, population and housing growth statistics based on city-issued building permits, commercial growth and updated subdivision listings. To view or download this report, please follow this link.

Minor Home Repair and First Time Homebuyer Programs

Both the First Time Homebuyer Program and Minor Home Repair Program of the City of Lee's Summit are funded under the Community Development Block Grant Program through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funds are allocated each year to these two programs when the City Council adopts the Annual Action Plan of the CDBG program. The City ...


The City conducted three different surveys during the month of May and June to gather input from residents, developers/builders and financial institutions regarding housing and impediments to fair housing choice. All surveys are anonymous. These surveys will help the City with the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, a Federal mandate for entitlement communities under HUD grant programs.

The surveys included the following and these surveys are now closed.

  • Resident Survey
  • Developer/Builder Survey
  • Financial institutions/Mortgage lenders/Realtors Survey

In order to provide an opportunity for people with limited English proficiency to participate in public surveys, the City recently released a Spanish version of the Resident Survey electronically. To complete the survey or to let someone you know who can only speak Spanish complete the survey, please follow this link. This survey ends August 31.

The City will release results of the above surveys as they become available. The following links allow you to see the paper version of the same surveys for people who are interested in learning what questions were asked in these surveys.

  1. Resident Survey
  2. Developer/Builder Survey
  3. Financial Institution Survey

Public Forums

Service Providers Forum was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at City Hall Howard Conference Rooms. Over 20 service agency representatives attended the forum.

A Housing Providers Forum was scheduled for 9:30-11:00 a.m., Tuesday, July 17. However, due to extremely low interest in attendance, this event has been cancelled. See the CANCELLATION NOTICE.