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Zoning Approval for New Business

Before a new business can obtain an occupational license to operate out of a location within the City of Lee's Summit, the Development Services Department must confirm that the location is properly zoned for the proposed business.  There are two types of zoning approval forms:  Commercial and Home Occupation.

Commercial zoning approval form - Use this form for all businesses except home occupations.

Home occupation zoning approval form

A home occupation is a business operated out of a home by the person who lives in the home.  Legal operation of a home occupation from or within a residence requires strict adherence to the following regulations:   (See Unified Development Ordinance, Article 8 for further reference.)

  1. The home occupation must be clearly incidental and secondary to the primary residential use for the dwelling;
  2. The home occupation must not change the outside appearance of the dwelling.
  3. Exterior signage for a home occupation is prohibited;
  4. The home occupation must not generate traffic, parking, sewerage or water use in excess of what is normal or customary in a residential neighborhood;
  5. The home occupation shall not create a hazard to person or property, result in electrical interference, or become a nuisance in the neighborhood;
  6. No outside storage of any kind related to the home occupation shall be permitted;
  7. No persons other than self or family members residing on the premises, plus one additional person not residing on the premises, shall be employed or involved in any business activity related to the home occupation on the premises;
  8. No more than 25% of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit shall be used for the operation of the home occupation. No accessory buildings shall be used in conjunction with a home occupation;
  9. Deliveries of materials to and from the premises in conjunction with the home occupation shall not require the use of vehicles other than parcel post or similar parcel service vehicles;
  10. Noise, vibration, smoke, odors, heat or glare as a result of a home occupation, which would exceed that normally produced by a single residence, shall not be permitted;
  11. The home occupation shall not utilize more than one private commercial vehicle limited to 3/4 ton capacity;
  12. Retail sales on the premises shall be secondary to the major operation of the home occupation;
  13. The primary use of the building in which the home occupation is situated shall clearly be the dwelling used by the person as his/her private residence;
  14. Home occupations shall maintain required licenses mandated by applicable local, state and/or federal laws;
  15. Persons intending to operate a home occupation should notify the Homeowners Association of their intent prior to beginning operations. Said notification is to provide the HOA with notice of intent only.