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Access Management Code - 2018 “Access management” takes a comprehensive view of property access relative to the function of the streets from which it is provided. The objective of access management is to optimize, or find that right balance, between property access and traffic safety and efficiency, particularly along arterial streets. View
Annual Development Reports

An annual statistics report by Planning & Special Projects Department on planning and development activities and growth trends during past years in Lee’s Summit. 


Business and Development Handbook

An easy to use tool to allow developers, property owners as well as the general public to learn the City's standard process for developing land in Lee's Summit. 

Business and Development Handbook, Version 2013.1

Business Development Review Process Report

Through the partnership with the Chamber, this document was prepared by Springsted and includes finding and recommendations of the City's business development process.

Development Review Process Review (2011)

Business Licenses New Licenses



JULY 2018














Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is an official document that sets forth a long-term vision for the entire planning area in terms of its land use pattern, infrastructure provision, and community well-being.


Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)

The official annual performance and evaluation report of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) outlining the level of accomplishment of the established goals and objectives of the 5-year Consolidated Plan of the CDBG program through implementation of the annual action plan.


Decks - (Uncovered, Residential)

This packet has information regarding the construction of uncovered decks.  This information is useful for anyone constructing or in the planning stages of constructing an uncovered deck in the City of Lee's Summit.


Design & Construction Manual

The City of Lee's Summit Design and Construction Manual includes the General Provisions; the City's adopted additions, deletions and revisions to the Kansas City Metropolitan Chapter of the American Public Works Association specifications; and certain of the KC Metro APWA specifications. 


Development Project Schedule Listing of projects including vacation of easements, special use permit, plats, street name changes and more.  View
Development Reports, Annual

The Planning and Special Projects Department publishes an annual report of development activities that occurred in the past year.  This report covers topics of population, housing, commercial, industrial growth and statistical analysis of land use, zoning, annexation, population and housing distribution.

2010 View Download
2011 View Download
2012 View Download
2013 View Download
2014 View Download
2015 View  Download
2016 View Download
2017 View Download


Development Services Monthly Reports Information is provided on a monthly basis of trends pertaining to building permit and other activities within the city limits of Lee's Summit.

July 2018 Summary Report

July 2018 Detailed Report

August 2018 Summary Report

August 2018 Detailed Report

September 2018 Summary Report

September 2018 Detailed Report

Downtown Master Plan

A Development Master Plan for the identified area of land and is a component of the City’s overall Comprehensive Plan. The planning horizon of the Development Master Plan is through 2020.


Economic Development Incentive Policy

Policy for potential investors in understanding City priorities, such as the types of activities that support the five focus areas, geographic areas of the City targeted for growth and economic development, and a minimal level of investment to be considered for the incentive program.


Economic Development Tools - Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing Presentation regarding the practice and policy in Lee's Summit.


Erosion & Sediment Control Standards

A quick-reference publication for Single Family Residential development regarding the standard plans and procedures for Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC).


Garage Sales If you're having a garage sale, this information will be helpful.  You don't need a permit, but there ARE some rules!  View/Download
Historic Preservation Plan

A preservation plan is an official document that provides direction for creating opportunities to develop property while preserving documented historic resources and to create a unique sense of place that continues the historic character of Lee’s Summit.


Housing Needs Assessment 2017

The purpose of this housing needs assessment is to evaluate the future market demand and support
potential for new rental housing developments within the city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The geographic area of focus for potential residential development is the area bound by U.S. Highway 40 to the north, NE Blackwell Road and SE Ranson Road to the east, State Route 150 to the south and SE Sampson Road and
Lee’s Summit Road to the west. These boundaries generally encompass the City of Lee’s Summit.

View/Download (pdf viewer) 

Longview Farm TIF Presentation

Tax Increment Financing Plan Presentation, Feb. 11, 2015

View Presentation

LS Advantage (LSEDC Report)

The Lee's Summit Advantage 2012 report details the advantages of Lee's Summit as a place to live and do business.  This report is provided by the Lee's Summit Economic Development Council.


M-150 Sustainable Corridor Plan

An updated M-150 Comprehensive Plan was approved in 2012.  The plan focuses on sustainable development in the M-150 and south M-291 corridors. 


One & Two Family Dwellings - Builder Packet This brochure is has information on building planning, concrete, framing, roof coverings, fireplaces and insulation. Download
Political Signs

Candidates for public office frequently use the posting of signs to advertise their candidacy. This flyer serves as a guide on the City's adopted regulations for non-commercial temporary signs.

Post Frame Buildings (Pole Barns)

This handout provides information on permitting for Pole Barns.


Special Events Special events brochure and application form

Special Event Permit

Informational brochure


Summit Fair Development

Various reports regarding the Summit Fair Development off of Chipman Road in Lee's Summit.

Development Agreement

Amended & Restated Development Agreement

1st Amendment to the Amended & Restated Development Agreement

Staff Analysis - March 19, 2009

Financing Analysis - March 19, 2009

Canyon TIF Revenue Study - March 2009

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs - Residential

These handouts contain general information the construction of residential swimming pools and hot tubs.  The first handout contains information regarding the actual construction and the second brochure contains zoning information such as setback regulations.

Download construction information

Download zoning brochure

Thoroughfare Master Plan 2015-2040 The Thoroughfare Master Plan 2006, which is a part of the City's Comprehensive Plan, has recently been updated. Download
Unified Development Ordinance

Ordinance regulating and controlling the development of land and matters relating thereto within the City to promote the public safety, health, and general welfare of the community.  Includes zoning and subdivision platting regulations.  Commonly referred to as the UDO.