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Infrastructure Permit

Infrastructure Permits

Whenever a Contractor / Developer wants to alter existing infrastructure or add new public or private infrastructure as part of a proposed new development within the City of Lee’s Summit, an infrastructure permit must be obtained prior to the start of construction / installation. The permit, which is issued by the Public Works – Engineering / Inspections Division, is made available within 2 business days following the approval of the construction drawings and payment of the engineering plan review and inspection (EPRI) fee. [The EPRI Fee is determined by multiplying the Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Costs (EOPCC) by the current approved percentage of construction costs found in the Schedule of Fees. An itemized list of items to be included in the EOPCC can be found in Section 1010 D., Infrastructure Permits, of the Design and Construction Manual (DCM).]

Certain Infrastructure Permits that include the construction and reconstruction of ADA ramps and sidewalks. Constructing ADA Compliant Sidewalks and Ramps – An informational pamphlet to help guide the installation of ADA compliant facilities.  Questions regarding the content of this pamphlet should be director to the City of Lee’s Summit Public Works Department or the United States Access Board.

During the construction / installation of the new infrastructure, Public Works will provide inspection services to ensure that everything is in accordance with City standards.