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Planning and Zoning Fees

Planning and Development Related Fees

Application Fees 

To access the detailed listing of Planning & Development fees, please follow this link.

The City Council has established a set of fees for rezoning, platting, planning and development related applications to cover the processing cost and associated legal notice publishing charge. These fees are collected by the Planning & Special Projects Department. Fees must be paid at time of application submittal, prior to processing.    

Planning, development and zoning applications include, but are not limited to:

Development Plans (Preliminary and Final)
Plats (Preliminary, Final and Minor)
Sign Application (for Planning Commission approval)
Sign Permit (for administrative approval)
Special Use Permits
Street Name Change
Vacation of Easement
Vacation of Right-of-way
Zoning Variance

Maps and Publications

The Planning & Special Projects Department makes available to the public a variety of printed, copied or electronic materials including plans, studies, reports, maps and other publications. Fees must be paid in full at time of purchase.

For a list of available materials and associated fees, please follow this link.