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Development >> Development Regulations >> Public Works Policies
Public Works Policies

Development Related Policies

The City has several policies in effect that impact highly visible operations within the City.  

Encroachment Policy

This policy was established to ensure protection of City property, City right of way, and City easements from unauthorized encroachment; to establish guidelines by which requests for encroachments may be considered; to establish the responsibilities of City departments regarding the protection of City property, City right of way, and City easements from unauthorized encroachments; and to establish policies regarding the disposition of existing unauthorized encroachments.

An encroachment is defined as development, construction on or use of City property, City right of way, or City easements with the exception of allowed uses.

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Level of Service

Level of Service (LOS) is a quality measure describing operational conditions within a traffic stream, generally in terms of such service measures as speed, travel time, freedom to maneuver, and comfort and convenience.

Six LOS are defined for various types of transportation facilities.  Letters are used to designate each level with A representing the best operating conditions and F, the worst.  The City of Lee's Summit generally designs its intersection signalization with levels C and D in mind.

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Unimproved Roads Policy

When new development is proposed, care is taken to ensure public safety through the construction of roadways appropriate to the development.  The first step in review of proposed roadways, is evaluation of existing roads and unimproved roads.  Unimproved roadways are those which are generally defined as narrow in width (18-20 feet), with drainage ditches adjacent to the roadway.

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Street Naming Policy

When new development is proposed, street names are proposed by the developer.  City staff reviews the names to ensure they do not duplicate existing street names in other parts of the City.  If the new street is a continuation of a existing street, the same name is recommended.  Numbered streets (like 3rd Street) are used for east/west streets south of the center dividing line of the City.  Lee's Summit uses directional quadrants (NW, NE, SW, SE) in front of all street names.

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