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Development >> Comprehensive Plan >> Downtown Master Plan

Lee's Summit Downtown Master Plan 

The "Old Lee's Summit Downtown Master Plan" was prepared by EDAW in association with HWA, Canyon research Southwest and TranSystems, and adopted by the Planning Commission in February 2004. The outlined planning area includes all land areas bounded by Chipman Road, M-291 and US 40 Highway with a focus on the Downtown Core.

In 2015, the Master Plan Task Force compiled a Downtown Master Plan Report addressing issues such as parking, housing and density, better traffic corridors and a permanent Farmers Market, as well as a proposal to expand the limits of the downtown area and to redefine the downtown zoning. 

The Downtown Master Plan Task Force presented the report to the City Council who voted to move forward with formal adoption of the 2015 Downtown Master Plan Task Force Report, as presented, with the addition of the Langsford corridor as one of the gateways.  

Documents and Reports

All documents and reports associated with the Downtown Master Plan can be found below in pdf format. Some files may take a longer amount of time to download based upon document size.

Appendices and Maps

MapII_1 Existing Land Use MapII_8 Opportunities and Constraints MapIV_2 Preferred Framework DT
MapII_2 Existing Zoning MapII_9 Opportunities and Constraints DT MapIV_3 Illustrative
MapII_3 Vacant Properties MapIII_1 Alternative A MapIV_4 Birds Eye
MapII_4 Existing Parking MapIII_2 Alternative A DT MapVI_1 Phasing
MapII_5 Utilities MapIII_3 Alternative B MapVI_2 Phasing DT
MapII_6 Utilities MapIII_4 Alternative B DT Appendices A-D
MapII_7 Utilities DT MapIV_1 Preferred Framework  


In 2008, the Planning Commission adopted Resolution 08-02 to amend the Downtown Master Plan to include regional public parking structures in the downtown Lee's Summit area. 

Resolution 08-02 - Parking Structures in Downtown Lee's Summit Area