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CDBG Reports

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports (CAPER)

2017-18 CAPER

The 2017-18 CAPER is currently being finalized, following the completion of the public comment period. It will be submitted to HUD before the end of September.

Follow this link to access the draft CAPER document. The final version will be posted once completed.

What is CAPER?

CAPER stands for Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report. HUD requires every grantee to submit to HUD a CAPER within 90 days after the end of each program year. For the City of Lee's Summit, the program year ends on June 30th, thus CAPER from the City of Lee's Summit is due to HUD on September 28th. It is a report on progress made in implementing the community’s Consolidated Plan for the Community Development Block Grant program, through the proposed actions identified in the one-year Action Plan. HUD requires the CAPER to include three key parts. Part I should include a narrative of accomplishments in relation to goals and objectives identified in the one-year Action Plan and multi-year strategic plan and some statistical information to back up the claims. Part II should include statistical and financial information about individual activities undertaken during the year. Part III must include information on expenditures, caps and program income. The primary goal of a CAPER is for the grantee as well as HUD to evaluate performance against the established goals and objectives.

Citizen Participation and Consultation

The City, as the Grantee of the CDBG program, is required to engage the general public in the development and review of the CAPER before it is finalized and submitted to HUD for approval. The City has an established process for citizen participation, which includes a public notice in the local newspaper of the greatest circulation, a public hearing to solicit public input, and a 15-day public review and comment period prior to submittal of CAPER to HUD.

The following are CAPER reports between 2005 and 2016.

2005 CAPER (2 MB)

2006 CAPER (9 MB) and supplemental reports PR06 and PR23.

2007 CAPER  (6 MB)

2008 CAPER (1.5 MB)

2009 CAPER (903 KB) and supplemental reports (481 KB)

2010 CAPER  (1.5 MB)

2011 CAPER (2 MB)

2012 CAPER (2 MB)

2013 CAPER (2 MB)

2014 CAPER (1.1 MB)

2015 CAPER (1 MB)

2016 CAPER (1 MB)

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