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Helpful (CDBG Related) Links


Please be aware some of the links on this page are no longer valid due to recent web changes at HUD and are being checked and updated.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

CDBG General Information

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Guide to National Objectives and Eligible Activities

Income Limits



HUD Requirements for Grantees

Information and Regulations on Consolidated Plan

Environmental Review Requirements and Procedures


Federal and HUD Regulations

Title 24 in its Entirety

OMB Circulars


Subrecipient Training

Guidebooks for Grantees and Subrecipients

Subrecipient Timeliness

Playing by the Rules - Subrecipient Training Handbook

Contracting for CDBG-assisted Projects

Federal Labor Standards Training for Contractors

CDBG Site Map


CDBG Homepage
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  Programs & Applications
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   • First Time Home Buyer
   • Minor Home Repair
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