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Google Fiber Construction in Lee’s Summit

The construction of the Google Fiber network is underway and will continue, weather permitting.

Residents can expect to see Google subcontractors working within the City’s right-of-way and utility easements. As is typical with underground utility work of this scale, digging could be required in your area. Residents should receive door hangars from Google Fiber prior to construction activity beginning in their neighborhood.

A timeline for Google Fiber residential service availability is not yet available, but is expected to start sometime in 2015. Click the read more for FAQ's and important contact numbers.


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The City of Lee’s Summit’s Solid Waste Committee determined the second set of “Scope of Work” details for the proposed solid waste, curbside recycling program after discussion with City staff on August 25.

The Solid Waste Committee agreed, by consensus, on the following:

  • to use carts for trash and recycling
  • to offer three different-sized cart options to residents for trash and to explore the possibility of offering two different-sized cart options to residents for their recycling
  • to allow the haulers to provide rates in the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the different-sized cart options without a minimum increase requirement between the options.
  • to create options in the RFP for haulers to choose to provide stickers or bags for ‘extra’ trash.

The following are the remaining tasks left to complete on the timeline for the proposed plan for program development:


Items for Discussion

September 2010   Determine the following details:  LS landfill requirements; types of recyclables included; yard waste; bulky item collection
October 2010 Determine the following details:  single vs. multi-family dwellings; HOAs; low-income discounts
November 2010 Determine the following details:  contractor reporting requirements; customer service; complaint system; performance penalties
December 2010 Present  plan to City Council
January 2011 Host public open house; review results of public input with City Council
February 2011 Issue RFP
March 2011 -March 2012 Receive bid process; negotiate contract; inform public; implement program

For more information about the City’s proposed solid waste, curbside recycling program, contact Kara Taylor at (816) 969-1804 or go to cityofls.net and click Environment.