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2018 State of the City

Mayor Baird will deliver the City of Lee's Summit's State of the City address Monday, September 24, 2018 at 5:15 p.m. The State of the City will take place at the B&B Theatres located at 3241 SW Fascination Dr. in New Longview. The address is open to the public.

The State of the City will be streamed live on the City's Facebook page and rebroadcast on LSTV beginning Tuesday, September 25. 

The City of Lee’s Summit was recently named a “Community for All Ages,” which recognizes its work to become more age friendly. The recognition program encourages communities to respond positively to the rapid increase in the older adult population and to adopt policies and programs that make the region a great place for residents of all ages to live and age well.

Lee’s Summit received a Bronze level recognition, which recognizes awareness of the issues and requires a resolution or commitment by the city’s elected body, as well as community presentations and engagement. Lee’s Summit representatives worked with program managers from the Mid-America Regional Council’s KC Communities for All Ages to learn about the issues, using materials developed by the program and attending workshops to assess Lee’s Summit’s age-friendliness and make their community more welcoming for all age groups.

The Communities for All Ages recognition program was developed by the First Suburbs Coalition and KC Communities for All Ages, and the first awards were presented in May 2015. This year, Mission attained the Gold Level designation, Kearney received both Silver and Gold Level designations, and Lee’s Summit was recognized for the Bronze Level. The cities were recognized at the First Suburbs Coalition meeting on Friday, Jan. 26.

The recognition program recognizes three levels of achievement that reflect increasing degrees of commitment to becoming a Community for All Ages. The other levels are Silver, which includes the completion of an assessment process and requires the community to appoint a citizen-based committee to assess city activities and investments; and Gold, the highest level, which recognizes communities that formally adopt a Communities for All Ages plan based on the assessment completed at the Silver level.

More information about the recognition program is available online at www.kccfaa.org