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Keep Cool When It's Hot

Admission fees into Legacy Park, Gamber and Harris Park Community Centers will be reduced to half price on all days the National Weather Service issues Excessive Heat Warnings for the months June, July and August. During business hours, Mid-Continent Libraries are also good cooling centers. Call United Way 2-1-1 for assistance or information about public cooling centers.

The volunteer spirit is alive and well in Lee’s Summit, especially among our high school students.   Lee’s Summit North senior Lilian Pine reached out to Mayor Randy Rhoads this summer asking if the City had any volunteer opportunities.  City Manager Steve Arbo assigned the high school senior a project focused on finding other communities’ strategic plans that highlight the use of technology (social media) to engage a more diverse and broader range of citizens. Arbo also wanted Pine’s input on how to attract and engage her generation into community involvement and local government.

Pine produced a 12 page research report highlighting five cities across the U.S. and how each city uses social media to engage their communities.

Pine said, “One thing I learned from my research was the importance of diversity in a community.”  She also stated “I hope people are able to be inspired by my research and collectively feel as if Lee’s Summit is a community that can accommodate any race, multiple levels of income, any age, gender and sexual orientation.”

Arbo said, “I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Lilian and to have her assist us on this important project.”

Pine says, she would like to work for a government organization such as the CIA in the future, but her dream job would be U.S. Secretary of State.

Pine says she was thankful for the opportunity to volunteer for the City and added, “I love working with Mr. Arbo and his assistant, Donna Lee, as they were very welcoming, enthusiastic, and accepting.  I hope I can continue volunteering for the City in the future.”