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The Lee’s Summit Fire Department takes great pride in protecting the City from all hazards.  The department has policies and guidelines in place to provide emergency notification to the public in the event of severe weather.  These guidelines identify when and how public notification shall occur. 

After the weather event and tornado Monday evening, the Fire Department received numerous comments and concerns regarding the decision not to sound the outdoor warning sirens.  The decision to not sound the sirens was made based on the guidelines that were in place.

The Lee’s Summit Fire Department understands and appreciates the questions and concerns of our citizens.  After reviewing our internal procedures, reviewing actions taken by the department that evening, surveying the damage with the National Weather Service, and in consideration of public feedback, we have updated and implemented policy changes to better serve our citizens and guests.  In the future, when there is a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service for any area of southern Jackson or northern Cass County, all notification systems, including outdoor storm warning sirens, shall be activated.  We will continue to use current methods of deploying storm spotters and real-time radar monitoring.  

The Lee’s Summit Fire Department strives to uphold the public trust for the protection of life and property, and it is our intent that these changes will maintain that trust.