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The City of Lee’s Summit and the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council are not able to comment on Diodes FabTech’s plans for its local operation because the company has not officially notified either of an immediate decision to close.

The City of Lee’s Summit sympathizes with employees potentially affected by the rumored closing of Diodes FabTech. Its lease at Summit Technology Campus will expire in December of 2017.

Assistance with workforce issues is a core mission of the LSEDC, and that is why LSEDC already is in contact with local employers to identify potential opportunities for any displaced workers and will share that information on its Facebook page when it becomes available.


In 2016, the Lee's Summit Fire Department responded to two separate structure fires at Diodes FabTech, which disrupted operations for Diodes FabTech as well as other tenants. The City assisted Diodes FabTech and building owner in safely reopening the damaged portion of the facility as quickly as possible.

The City and LSEDC do not interfere in private lease negotiations. However, the LSEDC does play a role in identifying relocation opportunities, and the City of Lee’s Summit will consider and provide economic incentives to attract or retain major employers to the city. In Diodes FabTech’s case, the LSEDC in 2016 identified two Lee’s Summit sites for future operations, but the company did not pursue either option.

Based on the above information, the City and LSEDC will now focus their attention on finding new employment opportunities for any displaced Diodes FabTech personnel.