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Google Fiber Construction in Lee’s Summit

Google subcontractors are still working within the City’s right-of-way and utility easements. As is typical with underground utility work of this scale, digging could be required in your area. 

Read more for FAQ's and important contact numbers.


LEE'S SUMMIT, MO— As the magnitude of the devastation in Joplin became clear, a request was made from the State of Missouri Emergency Operations Center for fire, rescue and emergency medical assistance from the Statewide Mutual Aid System, made up of 9 regions throughout the State. The Lee’s Summit Fire Department serves as the regional coordinating agency for Region A of the Statewide Mutual Aid System, which includes Platte, Clay, Ray, Carroll, Jackson, Lafayette, Saline, Cass, Johnson, Pettis, Bates, Henry, and Benton Counties. 

Overnight Region A coordinated the deployment of heavy rescue equipment, ambulances and incident management support to the City of Joplin. Resources sent to Joplin included the Kansas City Heavy Rescue Team from the Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD) and Central Jackson County Fire Protection District, for technical rescue assistance, and 25 ambulances grouped into five “Strike Teams”. 

Regional departments providing ambulances include the following: 

Kansas City Fire and EMS (KCFD)               Kearney Fire Protection District

Lee’s Summit Fire Department.                    Lawson Fire Protection District

Central Cass Fire Protection District            Warsaw/Lincoln Ambulance District

Harrisonville EMS                                             South Metro Fire Protection District

Belton Fire Department.                                  Johnson County MO Ambulance District

Grandview Fire Department.                           Lake Lotawanna Fire Protection District

Raytown EMS                                                     Prairie Township Fire Protection District

Liberty Fire Department.                                  Excelsior Springs Fire Department

Pleasant Hill Fire Department.                       Kearney Fire Protection District

Johnson County Kansas Med-Act 

The Lee’s Summit Fire Department Emergency Operations Center will continue to monitor the situation in Joplin and coordinate regional assistance as requested by the Statewide Mutual System.