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Annual Budget

View Budget information for current and past years.

Budget Webpage

Annual Report

City of Lee's Summit Annual Report

2017 Report: View/Download 

2016 Report: View | Download

2015 Report: View | Download

2014 Report: View | Download 

Audits, Performance

Section 3.12(b) of the City Charter calls for a recommendation of the City Manager for a periodic management/performance review (performance audit) of the city operations, programs or other matters.

Business Plan

The City's Business Plan is the five year plan that sets the strategic direction for internal operations.  To ensure consistent forward progress in organizational performance, there are tactical action plans to be addressed by 2018.


Capital Improvement Plan A Capital Improvement Plan is a major financial and public infrastructure planning tool which provides information over a (5) five year period regarding planned public improvements with anticipated funding. View 
Charter Review 2007 Charter Review View
Charter, City

Basic law that defines the powers, functions, and essential procedures of our municipal government.


Citizens Survey

Assessment of citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major city services and to help determine priorities for the community as part of the City’s ongoing planning process.

2013 Executive Summary or View/Download: Full Document (19.2 MB)

Executive Summary
Executive Summary
City Council District Map

City Council District Map

City Council District Map

City Council Meeting Documents

Meeting agendas, minutes and packet items. Available for City Council Regular Session as well as council committees such as Finance and Personnel and Public Works Committee.


City Hall Plaza Reservation Application

Permit required for any activities in the City Hall plaza area.  Additional Special Event permits may be required.  Please contact Development Services for more details.

Download Application

Code of Ordinances

Laws of the City of Lee's Summit



Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is the annual financial report for all city funds. This report covers the fiscal year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. CAFRs for prior fiscal years can be found on the Finance Department page.


June 30, 2017
Cultural Arts Plan

2007: The City of Lee’s Summit commissioned a Cultural Arts Plan to identify needs and opportunities vis-à-vis arts and culture.

In 2016 a Cultural Plan Update was conducted by Webb Management Services Inc.

View 2007 Plan

View 2016 Plan Update

Cultural Facilities Master Plan, 2012 Evaluation of the space needs of the arts and cultural community in Lee's Summit and the region.  This master plan provides a space plan and capital budget for recommended facilities, and recommendations around the operations of those facilities.

Download the 2012 Master Plan (8.36 MB .pdf)

Cultural Arts Master Plan Presentation (.ppt)

Downtown Parking Strategies

 2008 City Council Presentation regarding the Downtown Parking Strategies. 

Downtown Parking Strategies

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Federal Law requires that recipients of certain federal grants prepare workforce reports to ensure that the entities are providing equal employment opportunities to men and women regardless of sex, race, or national origin. The City of Lee’s Summit is the recipient of a grant under the Violence Against Women Act, a grant for which the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and Utilization Analysis must be completed. The requirements also dictate that the report be disseminated to both internal and external users. EEOP Utilization Report.pdf
Goals & Priorities, Strategic

Mayor & City Council 2013 Strategic Vision and Goals


Human Resources Assessment 2017 The HR Assessment provides an independent review of the operations and services delivered by the Human Resources department.  Included in the report are a series of recommendations to improve service delivery.  The 2017 HR Assessment was conducted by The Novak Consulting Group. 2017 HR Assessment
Information Technology Strategic Plan

Ensures that the defined projects and technology initiatives are aligned with the overall IT
goals and supportive of general business goals of the City.

Strategic Plan
Status 9-2009

Legislative Programs

Annual legislative priorities and initiatives

2016 State Legislative Program


Various map files available for download.

View Map Gallery

Newsletter "Community Counts"

City of Lee's Summit city-wide newsletter which is mailed to residents and businesses quarterly.

Winter 2017-18
Spring/Summer 2016
Fall/Winter 2015
Spring 2015


Operational Assessment Report

Annual Operational Assessment as required by Charter.  Also see Annual Report. 

2010 Download

2009 Download

2008 Download

2007 Download

Schedule of Fees

The Schedule of Fees lists fees and charges throughout the various city departments. 


Single Audit Report The Single Audit Report for the year ended June 30 reports on grant revenues and expeditures during the fiscal year.

June 30, 2017

June 30, 2016


Social Services Directory

Directory of Human and Social Services, provided by the Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB)


Strategic Plan, Citizens

Lee's Summit 360: Charting Tomorrow:  Strategic vision for the future of Lee's Summit, created by citizen volunteers.  Three Strategic Plans have been completed, the 1993 Strategic Plan, 1999 Lee's Summit 21st Century Plan, and the 2009 LS360 Strategic Plan. 

2009 LS360: Charting Tomorrow Strategic Plan

1999 Lee's Summit 21st Century 

1993 Strategic Plan

Style Guide - Marketing

The brand is the embodiment of how we want our audience to F E E L about Lee’s Summit. People create a relationship with brands, much like they do with individuals — they forge an emotional connection based on trust. That is what makes our brand the most formidable asset.

A strong brand personality allows Lee’s Summit to represent a clear, single virtue that sets us apart in the category, and resonates with our audience by “touching” them on a deeper emotional level, which translates into a powerful sense of motivation.

Understanding Lee’s Summit’s brand character ensures that we deliver a consistent message and first-hand experience whenever, wherever or however our audience comes into contact with our brand.

Download Style Guide

Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Plan (SAP), created in 2012.

View SAP 2012

TIF Annual Statement TIF Annual Statement for the City of Lee's Summit.

2017 Statement

2016 Statement

2015 Statement