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Google Fiber FAQs

Where can I find out more information about Google Fiber?

For questions about Google Fiber service, contact Google Customer Service at 866-777-7550 or visit fiber.google.com/cities.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about Google Fiber construction work, or if my property is damaged due to the construction work?
Contact Ervin Cable Construction at 844-322-2524 and the Google Construction Phone Line at 877-454-6959.  You also may contact the City’s Public Works Department at 816-969-1800 or publicworks@cityofls.net.

What is the right-of-way?
Right-of-way is an area in which a municipality has the legal right to access and use the area for the benefit of the public. Typically this would be for transportation purposes (i.e. roads, sidewalks, etc.) and extends to approximately 10 – 15 feet behind the edge of the street or curb. The City has the responsibility to monitor and protect this right-of-way through the use of a right-of-way permit. Click here for more information about the City’s right-of-way.

What is a utility easement?
A utility easement is an area in which the municipality or a utility has the legal right to access and use the area to construct new or maintain existing utility infrastructure. Utility easements can be located adjacent to right-of-way, but typically are located along property boundaries. Typical utility easements are 15 – 20 feet in width, but can be significantly larger, depending on the intended use within the easement.

What is the City’s role in the Google Fiber project?
The City supports business development activities within the City; however, the City does not endorse the products and/or services of businesses.
City staff will:

  • Work with Google Fiber representatives on coordination efforts for this project, as well as ensure City ordinances are being followed, which is standard practice for these undertakings within the City.
  • Provide Google Fiber project updates as they become available.