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Detailed Project List

Ordinance Calling for Election


Quick Facts

  • The current tax was first approved by voters in 1997 for a period of 10 years, and continued in 2007 for another 10 years. 
  • The current tax expires in March 2018
  • If approved this tax will continue for 15 years (2018-2033).
  • This is not a new tax or tax increase - it is the continuation of a current tax.
  • The continuation of the tax would allow for funding of stormwater infrastructure throughout the city, as well as road and transportation-related projects.
  • The continued tax could generate approximately $100-million for road, transportation-related and stormwater projects over the next 15-years.

Unofficial Election Results:
Yes: 6,504 (76.22%) | No: 956 (36.91%)

What is the 1/2-Cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax?

The current ½-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax, often called the CIP Sales Tax, was initially approved by voters in 1997 for a period of 10 years (1998-2008), and was continued in 2007 for an additional 10 years (2008-2018). The funds generated by this sales tax can be used for capital improvements only. A number of road projects identified in the City’s Thoroughfare Master Plan make up a large part of the funding request. Transportation-related projects and stormwater infrastructure would also be funded with this continuation.

Is this a New Tax?

This is a continuation of a current tax, and not a new tax or tax increase. The current ½-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax is scheduled to expire in March 2018. If voters approve the continuation of the CIP Sales Tax on April 4, 2017, the tax would not begin until April 1, 2018 and would continue for 15 years, expiring on March 31, 2033. 

What ís Different About this Continuation?

If approved, this sales tax continuation will also become a source of funding for stormwater infrastructure throughout the City. In addition, the continuation period is 15 instead of 10 years.

What will Happen if the 1/2-Cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax is Continued?

The continuation of the ½-Cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax will provide funding for more than $100-million worth of road, transportation-related and stormwater infrastructure over the next 15 years (2018-2033).

For more information, including a list of proposed projects, visit cityofLS.net and select Elections.


Ballot Language


Shall the municipality of Lee’s Summit, Missouri continue to impose a capital improvement sales tax of one-half of one percent (1/2 of 1%) until March 31, 2033, for the purpose of funding capital improvements which may include the design, construction, repair and maintenance of streets, roads, bridges, and additional projects related to stormwater, transportation and transportation-related improvements and the acquisition of necessary rights-of-way and other property interests and which may include the retirement of debt under previously authorized bonded indebtedness, beginning April 1, 2018?”

  YES   o

  NO    o

INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS:  If you are in favor of the question, place an X in the box opposite "YES." If you are opposed to the question, place an X in the box opposite "NO."