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City of Lee's Summit >> Business With the City >> Surplus Property

City of Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Procedures for Processing Surplus Property on


  1. Definition of Surplus Property – For this procedure surplus property to be sold on govdeals.com will be defined as that property that has been declared as surplus by department directors or authorized department procurement personnel and, after being offered to other departments, is authorized for sale by the Purchasing Manager, in accordance with Purchasing and Personnel Policies.

  2. Definition of Department – A distinct, usually specialized division of a large organization, especially a principal administrative division of a government, i.e., the Fire Department.

  3. Definition of Lot – Miscellaneous articles sold as one unit.

  4. Surplus Property Storage – Most surplus property will remain in the Department until sold. It will be placed for sale on govdeals.com for ten (10) days and will be picked up by the buyer directly from the Department. A member of the Purchasing staff will accompany or direct the buyer to the location of the property.

  5. Website/Cable Channel – Links directing buyers to www.govdeals.com viewing and purchasing City surplus property are on the City’s Intranet and Internet sites, as well as the City’s cable channel.

  6. Who Can Purchase City Surplus – The general public can bid on City of Lee’s Summit’s surplus.  City employees, their spouses and dependents cannot. Click here for instructions on registration.

  7. On-Line Sales Process – Once authorized for sale by the Purchasing Manager, property may be placed for sale by public auction on  www.govdeals.com.