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ContractVendorDepartmentBuyerStart DateEnd Date
2015-009/2R Printed & Embroidered T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets & Specialty Items (RENEWAL)Custom GraphicsMultipleTarah Daugherty12/23/201612/22/2017
06-094/2R ITS Equipment, Software & Services -RENEWALDLT Solutions (GSA COOP)Information Technology ServicesDes Collins4/1/20133/31/2017
08-182/8R Household Hazardous Waste Collection(RENEWAL-COOP)Heritage Environmental Services (KCMO COOP)MultipleDes Collins7/1/20166/30/2017
11-122/5R Automated External Defibrillators(AED) RENEWALPhysio-Control, Inc. (State of Oklahoma-Coop)MultipleDes Collins4/1/20163/31/2017
11-134/1R Facilities Supplies, Maintenance, Repair and Operating(MRO) RENEWAL 3-VENDOR SPLIT 1)Grainger,2) Fastenal ,3) MSC -STATE OF MO COOPMultipleDes Collins3/1/20142/28/2017
11-142/4R Waste Removal & Recycling Services (RENEWAL)Town & CountryMultipleTarah Daugherty10/31/20151/30/2017
2015-096/1R (RENEWAL) Elevator Preventative Maintenance, Repair & New InstallationMinnesota Elevator, Inc. (MEI)MultipleTarah Daugherty8/28/20168/27/2017
2012-003/5R Industrial High CFM Vac & Power Rodding Services (FINAL RENEWAL)Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc. (KCMO COOP)MultipleDes Collins6/1/20165/31/2017
2012-024/3R PC Prime Vendor Equip & Services- EXTENDED 3-31-2017World Wide Technology (State of MO Coop)Information Technology ServicesDes Collins7/1/20153/31/2017
2012-061/4R Parks Management Software (RENEWAL)Vermont Systems IncParks and RecreationDeeDee Tschirhart7/1/20166/30/2017
2012-081/2R Public Safety & Emergency Services (2nd Renewal-New Sales Rep)Safeware, Inc. (US Communities Coop)MultipleDes Collins10/1/20169/30/2018
2012-084/4R Discounted Workers Compensation (4th Renewal)CompAllianceHuman ResourcesDeeDee Tschirhart7/1/20156/30/2017
2012-085/4R TPA Work Comp (4th Renewal)Thomas McGeeHuman ResourcesDeeDee Tschirhart7/1/20156/30/2017
2012-105/3R Carhartts & Insulated Outerwear (FINAL RENEWAL)The Liberty Store (KCRPC COOP)MultipleDes Collins6/17/20166/16/2017
2012-111/4R Aviation Fuel Services-FINAL RENEWALAvfuel CorpAirportDeeDee Tschirhart8/9/20168/8/2017
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