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District 1

Kim Corpeny
Tom Eagle

District 2

Bill Brown
Chris Moreno

District 3

Mary Stilley
Bruce Derks

District 4

Mark Bredemeier*
Brian Yates


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(816) 969-1010

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Redistricting Committee

Demographics | City Charter/Code of Ordinances | Current Council District Map | Council Revised District Map


The City Charter requires district boundaries to be reviewed following each decennial census.  After the 2010 Census, the City Council established a Redistricting Committee by Resolution No. 11-02 in March 2011.  The Committee was comprised of two citizens from each of the four districts, for a total of eight members.  This Committee recommended the City Council revise the district boundaries to reasonably distribute the population between the existing districts.

The Revised District Map is effective December 1, 2011 for the purpose of City candidacy filing.  The revised district boundaries will become effective to residents on April 3, 2012.


Redistricting Map (Sept. 2011)

June Report

Plan B2 Redistricting Map and Current Map

Resolution Establishing a Redistricting Committee

2010 Census Population Map

DRAFT 4/13/11 Meeting Minutes

DRAFT 4/27/11 Meeting Minutes