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License Tax Review Committee

Administration Department - Public Works Department


The License Tax Review Committee was established by Ordinance No. 4592, passed by the City Council on March 17, 1998.  This ordinance was codified in the Code of Ordinances within Chapter 28.  Methodology for calculating fees was instituted by Resolution No. 98-09.

Beginning in calendar year 1999 and annually thereafter, the City Manager, with the assistance of the Building Inspections, Finance and Public Works Department, will prepare a report on the subject of the license tax, which will include a number of items that are outlined in the ordinance.  

The five members of the Committee include the Chair of the Public Works Committee, two citizens of the city, a local developer and one City Staff appointment.


  • The License Tax Review Committee’s primary purpose is to review and comment on the annual report prepared by the City Manager.  Comments from the Committee are forwarded to the City Council.  
  • After reviewing the comments submitted by the Water Tap Fee Review Committee, the Council may amend Ordinance No. 4592 and/or Resolution No. 98-09.
  • The annual review by the Council must be completed by the third Tuesday in March of each year.


As needed.