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Content Manager

Chairperson Councilmember Phyllis Edson
Vice Chair Councilmember Trish Carlyle 
Councilmember Rob Binney
Alternate: Councilmember Bob Johnson

Mayor Bill Baird - Ex Officio member

Staff Liaison
City Attorney Brian Head

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Legislative/Inter-Governmental Relations

Administration Department


The Legislative/Intergovernmental Relations Committee began as the “Ad Hoc Legislative Committee” in the 1990’s to work on developing City positions on state and federal legislative matters affecting municipalities.


  • Develop the annual state and federal legislative programs for City Council consideration.
  • Host the Annual “Kick-Off” Meeting with state legislators in combination with the school districts and Chamber of Commerce to present the state legislative program.
  • Host the Annual State Legislative Dinner.
  • Work with city staff to monitor legislation introduced at the state and federal level affecting municipalities and identify issues for the Council to consider taking a position and/or lobbying state or federal legislators.
  • Work with political subdividisions in the area on common issues, projects and agreements.
  • A quick response team consisting of the Mayor, City Manager, and Chairman of this Committee shall meet and provide a position statement for the Committee during the legislative session in those instances where action on specific legilsation is imminent.


Meetings are held as needed during the legislative process.