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LS360 news

Bringing the Vision to Life

May-July 2010

Message from the Chairpersons

Our third quarterly meeting, held July 20 at the Gamber Center, proved to be another informative and encouraging gathering.  It was an opportunity to welcome our newest committee members and to learn about all the great activities going on around the community to achieve the vision we all worked so hard to create.

Thank you to our guest speakers, Steve Arbo and Tom Lovell, who provided valuable updates on both the Rock Island Railroad Corridor and our award-winning Parks and Recreation Department and gave us all a glimpse of the great opportunities ahead of us.

We greatly appreciate the support and cooperation the citizen-based group of Lee’s Summit 360 has received from the Mayor and City Council as evidenced by the positive direction given to the Community Brand working group recently.  We believe there is little that cannot be accomplished when we are all working together in the same direction for the good of the community.

It is an exciting time to live in Lee’s Summit. We are grateful to have been given the chance to lead such a talented and energetic group of citizens for such a great cause, and we look forward to seeing what accomplishments the months ahead will bring.


Vicky Cundiff and Jon Ellis

Lee's Summit 360, Co-Chairs 

KPA Updates

Economic Development KPA

Progress was made in each of the five Economic Development KPA goals this quarter. Development of a ‘Best Municipal Practices’ process for the city continued, and discussions were held at the City Council level on funding for economic development promotion and tourism, redevelopment, and community branding. Carson Bise, creator of the city’s long-term fiscal model, was engaged to present to LS360 and the public on the strengths and future use of the model in determining the impact of economic development strategies in achieving set goals.

Following are some of the details of the efforts this quarter:

  • ‘Best Municipal Practices’ Process - A working group has formed to design a 'Best Municipal Government Practices' process for recommendation to the City Council. A KPA subcommittee is gathering web site data and development processes from a sampling of cities (San Antonio, Phoenix, and Milwaukee) for recommendations, many of which will probably entail revamping the City ‘s development web site to be more user friendly and layman like in an effort to achieve the goal, “The City of Lee’s Summit is development and redevelopment friendly.” For more information, contact Director of Development at 969-1017. (ED KPA, Goal 1.)
  • ‘Development 101 Training Program’ - Annual third party “development customers” surveys typically earn the City high marks. KPA participants recommend: (1) a 101 process that would focus on “first time” developers and perhaps assigning an ombudsman to the project; (2) determine if the City’s ITS staff could create a password protected portal where experienced and new applicants can view on line where in the process their applications are; and (3) consider creating a “first timer” section on the development web site.
  • Creation of an ombudsman position - KPA subcommittee is gathering job descriptions for a position that reports to the City Manager. It is also reevaluating ombudsman position duties versus the duties of the existing city positions. Ombudsmen are typically seasoned existing, well regarded employees who have rapport and respect with staff that’s well established. Hires from the outside seldom are successful ombudsmen.
  • Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council (LSEDC) - On June 10, City Council discussed 'Funding Economic Development Promotion, and Tourism.' Funding for LSEDC, along with Lee's Summit Downtown Main Street and the Chamber of Commerce, was approved at the requested levels. Alternative options for funding these organizations in the future were presented for future research and consideration. (ED KPA, Goal 2.)
  • Municipal Building and Equipment Authority (MBEA) - Efforts towards the redevelopment of Arnold Hall Theater project continued. Through a public/private partnership, Arnold Hall is being renovated into a small-venue cultural art facility and will house the Martin City Melodrama, its primary tenant and a partner in the renovation project. For more information, contact Director of Codes Administration at 969-1202. (ED KPA, Goal 4.)
  • Redevelopment Projects - On May 13, City staff presented an update on redevelopment efforts to the City Council. Direction was sought on identification and prioritization of commercial and residential areas that would benefit from redevelopment efforts. A follow-up presentation by staff will be brought before Council in the fall. (ED KPA, Goal 4.)
  • City’s Long-Term Fiscal Impact Model – An informational presentation was made by Carson Bise, President of TischlerBise and creator of the City’s long-term fiscal model on August 2. The model was reviewed as well as the needs to be updated for future use, especially in regard to the City’s evolving posture into redevelopment. The recommendation was made that the City Planning Director and Planning Commission use the model as well as the City Finance Department in their land use deliberations to predict fiscal sustainability. The KPA recommends additional funds to accomplish the update and tweaking to accommodate redevelopment.  

Education KPA

The City held its groundbreaking Education Summit on June 12, 2010 at the University of Central Missouri - Summit Campus. Educational partners and key stakeholders from throughout the community gathered to define actionable strategies to address such communitywide education issues as life-long learning needs, employment skills training, ongoing pursuit of funding to address education needs of the community, and attention to diversity.  

The Education Summit was the primary goal identified in the Education KPA. More than 30 individuals representing the education community and those with a connection and interest in education met to discuss and clearly define the most prevalent communitywide education-related opportunities and challenges facing Lee’s Summit today and in the foreseeable future.

During the Education Summit, the President of Metropolitan Community College Business & Technology Campus Debbie Goodall and the Manager of Special Projects for the campus Pat Lees spoke about the challenges that exist for preparing students to meet the rising demand for middle skill and computer and mathematical science occupations.  A summit report can be viewed from the LS360 Implementation Committee Web site.  See "Resources" at the bottom of the site.

Groups have formed to begin work on strategies and action plans to address the identified areas of importance:  lifelong learning, employment skills training, diversity and funding. These discussions will continue in the coming weeks. Continue to watch the City’s Web site, the LS360˚ calendar and the government access channel for dates and times. 

If you would like to become involved in these discussions, please contact the City’s Community Services Coordinator at (816) 969-1026. (EDU KPA, Goal 1.) 

Health & Human Services KPA

The Human Services Planning Committee continued its work this quarter on planning the City’s first Nonprofit Summit to be held on Monday, August 30 from 7:30-9:30am at the Gamber Center.

This event will provide nonprofit organizations, faith-based institutions and other important stakeholders the opportunity to discuss community needs, distribute fund-raising information, coordinate resources and ideas and promote networking within the community.  Ms. Staci Addison, a fundraising consultant for not-for-profit organizations, will be the guest speaker, and Ms. Melinda Hadley-deBoer will facilitate the meeting.

Work also continued on establishing a formal Human Services Advisory Board for the City.  A working group is preparing recommendations for the mission and role of this new board for consideration by City Council.

In addition, a grant application is being submitted by the Health Education Advisory Board (HEAB) to the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City in conjunction with MetroCares/Northland Cares for a needs assessment to determine the number of uninsured patients in the Lee’s Summit/Eastern Jackson County area. If the grant is awarded, the goal is to complete assessment in time to apply for needs funding through Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation in the fall.

For information contact Brian Scott at (816) 969-1024.  (HHS KPS, Goal 1.) 

Local Government KPA

Many initiatives within the Local Government KPA are well underway.  For leadership development and community involvement, working groups met to continue plans for both a revitalized government television channel and to establish a citizen leadership academy.  In support of a fully-resourced, professionally trained government workforce, some quarterly initiatives include a spring CERT training class held with another one planned for this fall, and an RFP issued to conduct a standard compensation evaluation of city staff. 

Sustainability efforts within the community continued as a long-range strategic planning process for the Water Utilities Department was approved.  In addition, an RFQ was issued to engage assistance in preparing a community-wide sustainability plan.

Following are some of the details of the progress made:


  • Government Access Television Channel - A working group has formed to discuss possible improvements to the government access channel. A draft policy is under review by the group, and a community-wide survey is planned for later this summer to solicit additional input for improvement.  To join the group, or for more information, contact Public Communications Coordinator at 969-1014. (LG KPA, Goal 1.)
  • Citizen Leadership Academy - A Citizen's Academy at City Hall is being designed to educate future city leaders, new residents and interested citizens on the inner workings of Lee's Summit city government. The first session is tentatively scheduled to begin in January 2011.  For more information contact City Clerk, at 969-1006. (LG KPA, Goal 1.)
  • Leadership Alumni Group - The Chamber of Commerce held its first leadership alumni reception on June 16.  (LG KPA, Goal 1.)
  • Youth and Students in Government - A working group is forming to identify methods to increase youth and student involvement in city government.  This group will be led by Nick Swearngin.  For more information, contact Community Services Coordinator at 969-1026. (LG KPA, Goal 1.) 


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System – An RFP has been issued to select a vendor for this initiative.  Onsite demonstrations were held for City employees in April.  Site visits were conducted by the selection committee in July.  Project start date is expected to be in September.
  • Standard Market Compensation Study - Funding has been included in the FY10-11 budget to conduct a compensation study for City employees, as recommended in the plan.  An RFP has been issued, and the notice to proceed is anticipated for late September.  (LG KPA, Goal 2.)



  • Water Utilities Department Long-Range Strategic Plan - The department will conduct an intensive assessment of their system and processes, examining the current regulatory environment and the pressures of a changing economy. A long-range plan is being developed to address the required reinvestment in infrastructure and evaluate potential 'green' initiatives for the operation of the system. Citizen involvement, including Lee's Summit 360 input, will be sought as part of the process. (LG KPA, Goal 3).
  • Curbside Recycling and Consolidated Waste Collection - City staff will be providing the Solid Waste Committee with information for a new program beginning through 2010.  To the right is a proposed timetable.  For more information, visit the City's Environmental Web page.  (LG KPA, Goal 3; QoL KPA, Goal 3.)


  • Smart Growth Initiatives - A public open house was held on May 27 with a Visual Preference Survey Tool for community input on a land use plan for the M-150 Corridor.

August 30th, Randall Arendt, a leading landscape designer and lecturer specializing in protecting community open space and conservation subdivisions will be presenting to LS360 and the public at City Hall.  For more information, contact the City Planning Department at 969-1600. (LG KPA, Goal 4.) 

  • Green on Green’ Sustainability Fair - Plans continue for the City's first-ever Sustainability Fair to be held on Green Street on October 9th. This one day event will host 40 vendors and informational booths to educate Lee's Summit residents and businesses about simple and complex sustainable practices that can be implemented at home and at work so as to improve the sustainability of our community as a whole. A children’s booth, fourth grade art contest, a shredding booth and environmentally friendly music are all planned.

A free reusable shopping bag will be given to the first 100 visitors of the fair.  For more information, contact City Environmental Coordinator, at 969-1804. (LG KPA, Goal 4, QoL, Goal 4.)  

Quality of Life KPA

Progress continued within all four Quality of Life goals.  The Arts Council supported a number of arts and cultural events throughout the community, the community branding working group continued to meet and further define the long-term process for their efforts, initial discussions were held on implementing a diversity awareness program, and the Healthy Lifestyles Coalition continued their work in creating a web site. 

  • Support Lee’s Summit Arts Council Initiatives – Following are just some of the highlights of the work of the Arts Council this quarter.  For more information, visit www.lsartscouncil.net (QoL KPA, Goal 1.)
    • Bayou Bash - This free annual summer festival sponsored by the Arts Council was held on Green Street on Friday, June 18. This event was part of free summer series of festivals organized by the Parks and Recreation Department that also included Jamaican Jam and the Blues and Jazz Festival.
    • Mini-grants were awarded to support various arts activities in the community such as Shakespeare in the Park and public artwork at the new Summit Fair Shopping Center.
    • Public art on display at Gamber Center – Come visit the most recent exhibit by Tina Garrett titled “Women of Lee’s Summit”.
    • Percent for Arts” Program study was commissioned by the Arts Council.
  • Community Brand - The Community Brand working group held a discussion at the June 10 City Council meeting and gained support for their efforts.  Councilmember Alan Gray will serve as liaison to the working group.  (QoL KPA, Goal 2.)
  • Diversity Awareness - Lee's Summit 360, represented by Damond Boatwright and Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi, met with City and Human Relations Commission representatives for possible collaboration in establishing a diversity awareness program or strategy for the community.  (QoL KPA, Goal 3.)
  • Healthy Lifestyles Coalition - This coalition of over 60 stakeholders are working on introducing a web site that will serve as a central resource for healthy lifestyle initiatives in the area. This effort is being led by the Eastland Community Foundation. For more information, contact Debbie Starke at starke@gkccf.org. (QoL KPA, Goal 4.)

Transportation KPA

The Livable Streets initiative was very active this quarter.  Under the leadership of Dr. Ed Kraemer, all three subcommittees moved forward in addressing Goal 2 of the KPA plan.  An application was submitted for a ‘Bicycle Friendly Community’ designation; communitywide education and encouragement continued with WIBI’s and other presentations, and a draft resolution was approved by the Livable Streets Planning Committee for recommendation to the City Council.  For more information, see www.livablestreetsls.com or contact City Traffic Engineer at 969-1820. (Trans KPA, Goal 2.)

  • ‘Bicycle Friendly Community’ Application - The City submitted its application for 'Bicycle Friendly Community' designation from the American League of Cyclists.  The application was the result of much hard work on the part of Dan Wiltshire and the Bicycle/Pedestrain Friendly Subcommittee.  Results and feedback are expected in October.
  • Education/Encouragement - WIBI’s (Walk In/Bike In) continued; Safe Walking/Biking/Driving Education presentations were made or scheduled for HOA’s, a rotary club, a Lions Club, Downtown Main Street, an Optimist Club, and the City Employee Retirees. Information remains available at www.livablestreetsls.com & Facebook. Informational brochures were created and are available for distribution as well.
  • ‘Livable Streets’ Resolution - The Livable Streets Planning Committee, during their June meeting, reviewed an initial draft of a 'Livable Streets' policy.  A draft of the resolution will be brought before several committees, boards and commissions through August and September, and It is hoped will be presented to the City Council for consideration this fall.

Did You Know?

  •  The City Council approved its final list of projects for the 'No Tax Increase' bond issue ballot to be held in November which includes the LS360 Local Government KPA projects of a Police firing range and first responder communication upgrades. (LG KPA, Goal 2.)
  • The City of Lee's Summit was mentioned in a recent Kansas City Star article discussing the recent regional and national trend towards mulit-modal transportation as a result of the hard work of the Livable Streets Planning Committee. (Trans KPA, Goal 2.)


Important Dates

Aug 30 - HHS Nonprofit Summit (7:30am, Gamber Center)

Aug 30 - Randall Arendt, 'Smart Growth' (4:00pm, City Hall)

Sept 1 - Livable Streets to Public Works Committee (7:00am, City Hall)

Oct 9 - 'Green on Green' Sustainability Fair (10:00am, Green Street)

Oct 19 - LS360 Quarterly Meeting (5:30pm, Gamber Center)

See our new LS360 Calendar of Events with a full list of meetings and LS360 events.

An LS360 Event on 'Smart Growth': Presentation by Randall Arendt

August 30 @ 4:00pm, City Hall



You are invited to attend a presentation by Randall Arendt,a landscape planner, site designer, author, lecturer, and an advocate of "conservation planning". 

Mr. Arendt is the country's most sought-after speaker on the topic of creative development design as a conservation tool. He has presented slide lectures in 47 states, five Canadian provinces, and in Europe (most recently in Switzerland).  Read more…


Lee's Summit 360 Implementation Committee Members


Vicky Cundiff and Jon Ellis, Co-Chairs

Damond Boatwright

Teri Burns

Susan Coffman

Daren Fristoe

Stephen Gentry

Bruce Hattig

Tony Jose

Ben Martin

Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi

Eric Prince

Rosella Prins

Colene Roberts

Diane Seif

Rick Viar

Bob White 



 Education Summit at UCM






Volunteer Opportunities!


Oct 9 - 'Green on Green' Sustainability Fair, Green Street (10am-4pm)

Contact: kara.taylor@cityofls.net 

Nov 6 - Parenting Teens 24/7, MCC Longview (7:30am-12:30pm)

Contact: sdcoffman@rediscovermn.org

Nov 13/14 - Holly Festival for DARE, Bernard Campbell Middle School

Contact: sdcoffman@rediscovermn.org


For more local and regional volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer Solutions.








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Curbside Recycling and Consolidated Waste Collection


Planning & Design Timetable

2010 Solid Waste Committee Primary Discussion Items
  June - Discussion with haulers
  July - Single contract vs. zone
  August - Containers vs. bags
  September - Landfill requirements
  October - HOA; low-income discount
  November - Reporting requirements
December - Present to full Council
January - Public Open House
February - Issue RFP
March - March 2012  - Bid process























Cultural and Arts Events in Lee's Summit


A Free Concert Series was held this summer by Parks and Recreation


Jamaican Jam outside City Hall


Upcoming Cultural and Art Events

Jul 27 - Tina Garrett exhibit opens at the Gamber Center, "Women of Lee's Summit"
Oct 7 - Health, Wealth and Leisure Expo, Harris Park Community Center
Oct 17 - Fall Fling Fun Run & 5K (7:30am). $10 per participant.


For more information, visit LS Parks & Recreation