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Content Manager

Chairperson Councilmember Beto Lopez 
Vice Chair Councilmember Diane Forte
Councilmember Craig Faith
Councilmember Fred DeMoro
Alternate: Councilmember Bob Johnson

Staff Liaison
Assistant City Manager Mark Dunning

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Community and Economic Development Committee

Planning & Codes Administration Department


The Community and Economic Development Committee was formed to combine the oversight functions of the Ordinance Review Committee and the Addressing Committee and incorporate other areas not currently being addressed by existing City Council committees.  This Committee is comprised of four Councilmembers, which are appointed annually.

Vision Statement

“Lee’s Summit will build upon and promote its unique downtown, educational excellence and cultural heritage to create and nurture a business environment which fosters entrepreneurship, commercial and neighborhood redevelopment, and the attraction and retention of high quality jobs in targeted businesses. In doing so, the tax base will grow ensuring the City’s continued ability to deliver an outstanding quality of life and services to both businesses and residents.”


  • Review current or proposed policies or ordinances dealing generally with planning, zoning and other related Community Development Department issues.
  • Review current or proposed policies or ordinances dealing with code enforcement.
  • Review current or proposed procedures for the administrative enforcement of the Uniform Building Codes, Life Safety Codes, and the Uniform Fire Codes (includes review of all relevant national codes).
  • Review current and proposed polices in relation to residential and commercial development; park land use and development; and, general landscaping issues.
  • Consider and report upon proposed ordinances and matters referred to it relating to commerce, industrial growth, expansion and development, economic development, the creation and retention of jobs.
  • Review all other matters as directed by the City Council.


Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m.in the Council Chambers.