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Animal Control Division

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The Lee’s Summit Animal Control Division provides enforcement of the Animal Control Ordinances to ensure the humane treatment of animals while protecting public health and safety within the City of Lee’s Summit. 

Every year, Animal Control rescues and provides temporary shelter to more than 4,000 stray, unwanted, abandoned, orphaned, and injured animals.  Our top priority is to reunite lost pets with their owners.  When an owner cannot be found, we give our pets every opportunity to find a new home. Although we do not call ourselves a ‘no-kill’ organization, we strive to place every adoptable animal into a new home and in doing so; we have maintained a live release rate for adoptable animals of greater than 96% for the past three years.

After you explore our website, please visit us in person at the Animal Control Facility.  We have a few furry friends that we would like to introduce you to!

Animal Control Division