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News Release


Friday, December 10, 2010

City of Lee’s Summit’s Snow Plan

The City of Lee’s Summit has been preparing for another snow season.  Some of the changes to this year’s Snow Plan are increased levels of service in residential neighborhoods.

All streets including residential streets and cul-de-sacs should be pretreated with salt brine or rock salt before each snow or ice event as long as the storm is not forecasted to begin as rain.

City crews will begin plowing in residential neighborhoods in conjunction with primary and secondary streets during snow events. Once the precipitation ends, streets will be plowed from curb-to-curb and treated in order of priority: primary, secondary and residential.  After plowing and treating primary and secondary streets almost every resident in the City will have a street plowed and treated located within a ¼ mile of their residence. Crews will work continuous 12 hour rotating shifts during the week, weekends and holidays until work is completed.   

Also, new to this year’s winter operations are five levels of response that are more descriptive than the four levels in the past. The expanded levels add flexibility to the Snow Plan and take into account not all snow and ice storms are the same.  Another change, a private contractor will plow and treat City maintained parking lots, primarily located downtown. Working with a contractor for these services will allow the City to use its resources to clear public streets in a timelier manner.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions can change dramatically during a snow event. The City has established five levels of response which make the best use of equipment and manpower to effectively deal with weather conditions. Gaining knowledge about the types of precipitation and our levels of response will help citizens properly prepare for winter storms.

To review the Snow Plan and the five response levels, visit: www.cityofls.net/Transportation/Street-Programs-and-Maintenance/Snow-and-Ice-Removal.aspx

Citizens are also encouraged to:

  • Signup to receive updates from the Snow Desk about snow removal operations by visiting:  http://local.nixle.com/city/mo/lee%27s-summit/.
  • Remove vehicles from streets to prevent a delay in the snow removal process
  • Shovel snow to the side of your driveway to lessen the amount of snow left at the entrance of your driveway

Remember the City does not clear private streets, shopping areas, driveways and certain private neighborhoods.

For more information about the Snow Removal Plan or for assistance during winter storm events, contact the Snow Desk at (816) 969-1870. Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 7a.m. to 3:30 p.m. During winter storm events, the Snow Desk operates 24 hours a day.

Normally, winter weather that produces 2 to 6 inches of snow are the easiest to plow and treat, however when they are accompanied by high winds, freezing rain and other forms of precipitation, it becomes much more difficult.

Some of the most difficult winter storms:

  • Blizzard conditions have winds in excess of 35 mph resulting in blowing snow and visibility of less than a ¼ mile. In these cases, the same streets must continually be plowed until the wind subsides. The result of continued work on primary and secondary streets is that residential streets are delayed from treatment which can cause snow packed streets to become icy.
  • Rain, Freezing Rain or Sleet: It is our goal to pre-treat all streets with either salt brine or rock salt before precipitation begins, but when rain, freezing rain or sleet precedes the winter weather event it will wash away the salt brine and reduce the effectiveness of the rock salt. Pre-treating streets provide a barrier between the frozen precipitation and the pavement; helps to prevent frozen precipitation from bonding; and assists in the subsequent plowing and treating of the streets.
  • Snow Flurries or Light Snow: By pre-treating streets, snow flurries and light snow are generally not an issue. If streets are not pre-treated, snow flurries can make streets very slick. Treating streets with rock salt is the primary defense for winter storms.


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